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How we need to prepare


Getting started by working out where you are

I’m not an expert on Survival or even self reliance. I’m an amateur and everything I know has been picked up from the million and one people out there living this life in one way or another from those living off the grid (except for computers clearly) to those living in their own homestead, or […]

Short term vs Long term

When it comes to self sufficiency and survival there are usually two ways of doing things. One because being self sufficient does not stop you going out into the world and trading for something. Survival could very well mean you are on your own. Sometimes they overlap but that usually works out to be expensive […]

The best sites

I have a few sites I visit on a regular basis which I have put in my blogroll down the side for our use. I don’t know all the sites out there either so I was interested in finding out there is list of the top 50 survival sites. All are in the US but […]

A must have tool

A knife is a must have for someone looking at self sufficiency or survival. You can never have too many. I must confess I like knives and I have several different types and use them for slightly different purposes.

First of all I have several big knives around the house as a just in case […]