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Clothing basics

The weather in the UK is such that only for a few weeks every year do we have the extremes that can kill us.

When they happen though, thousands of us die of hypothermia or heatstroke. Usually the old, very young or infirm and that gets tallied up as something else. We are surprisingly unprepared for these extremes even though they happen every year without fail.

Being sensible about clothing was what our parents and their parents used to do before most of our homes became double glazed and centrally heated. Even now my house is to hot for me to handle because the other half finds it too cold. Global warming or global cooling. Half of our species isn’t going to make it while the other half thrives.

We know what the weather can do to us. We need to ensure that our wardrobes have sufficient in to cover both eventualities whilst we are outside and have enough for everyone in the family to have one being washed and drying, one worn and another spare in case we get soaked or something. It isn’t quantum mathematics.

Do an inventory now and make sure you have the basics. If not buy them. Remember layers not just a snow jacket.

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