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Hunting info

We don’t hunt a lot in the UK. There are a few of us shooting pigeons and rabbits while a core goes for deer and other wild animals via licensed shoots. Many of us have firearms and shotgun license for vermin control rather than hunting.

I’m suggesting that you apply for a shotgun and firearm and include that in your hunting toolset.

Bear in mind that there are laws against hunting without the right weapons or traps. We will try and deal with these in this section where we can as we look at alternatives to firearms as well as firearms.

6 comments to Hunting info

  • flashbaztard

    sorry guys,I am a survivalist but i don’t think we need to hunt
    if i were religious [like rawling’s claims to be] 1st page of the bible state’s. god made man and gave us all that is green and bears seeds to eat. so shouldn’t all christian’s be veggie, or cant they read? or do they just like the taste of meat to much?
    there is plenty of wild food growing for the taking, we just need to be shown where to look
    the hunting pages will be one part of this great site i wont be reading

  • Skean Dhude


    I do like fruit and veg but I do think that we will need meat to survive. The supplements that vegetarians take now will not be available if anything serious was to occur.

    Personally, I eat very little red meat, less than once a week, my favourite meat is chicken and I do eat meat most days. Fish a couple of times a month.

    I do see hunting as part of the whole though and think it needs to be prepared for. Although I only support the killing for food. Not for sport.

  • Justin

    Count up the calories from a pound of veg and then do the same for a pound of meat. Meat wins in most cases. The fact is, humans are omnivores. Jesus ate definately ate fish and I’m pretty sure he ate meat too. In a survival situation, if you aren’t prepared to eat meat, you prepare to fail. I don’t advocate hunting for huntings sake, just like Skean Dhude, but hunting now (but only for food) builds up the skills needed should the shtf.

  • Skean Dhude

    As we have been for thousands of years. We eat what we can get.

    Our bodies know what is best for us, that is why we get cravings for things sometimes.

  • Ronnie

    Sorry to tell you the if you want to grow crops on a scale larger than your back garden, you’ll be needing to hunt.

    Farmers are killing rabbits/rats/deer/pigeons every day so you can have bread and veg at the price you pay.

    Its amazing how much a few bunnies eat, go for a walk somewhere you know there are bunnies and look at the crop (including grass) in the next field. They can be decimated. The deer don’t seem to do so much damage here, I guess they roam over a wider area? Been told pheasants can be a problem, but not something I know about.

    Ferrets are a great, but I’m surprised how much meat mine eat (weight for weight) compared to the dogs, and they’re carnivores, so table scraps won’t do. A .22 air riffle is good for rabbits and pigeons, but can take a fair bit of time once the rabbits get canny of you. Not got much better with my catapult, (keep practising!) So I’ll be looking into snares and a running dog. I’ll be getting a firearms certificate, but won’t want to be wasting ammo and time on little rabbits when a bit of reusable wire will do its work without me wasting my time watching it.

  • Skean Dhude


    I continually get asked to do some vermin control on friends land after the rabbits and pigeons have devastated their crops. Don’tnowmuch about the others.

    Rabbit and pigeons do get used to you and become more canny but if you can devastate them in one place go to another for a bit and repeat. The others soon forget.

    I’m hopeless with my catapult, was a lot better when I was a kid.

    I don’t have a dog nor ferrets but knew someone who had both. I used to think from the way he spoke his ferrets had spent a stint on Mastermind. Don’t now much about them though. You feel like writing an article on them?

    Get the firearm certificate for hunting rabbits and you have it then for what you need. People have used a 22 to hunt most of the UK’s wildlife. In an event the rules will be slightly relaxed. However,the wire is the best first point of call. The 22 for further afield.

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