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Cars, we all love them. They enable us to get around without any real effort and no matter what the weather. What is there not to like?

Well, it seems that the only people that don’t like them are the green brigade. They seem to be doing something to the planet which must be stopped. We should all stop using our cars and go everywhere on public transport. Our government, sensing the guilt, see this as an opportunity to raise taxes, taxes which were already exorbitant.

Now, I don’t now about where you live but in the UK unless you live on a major route public transport is not suitable. It radiates out from major centres like the spokes of a wheel. From where I live it can take 2 hours on public transport to go 10 minutes down the road because the bus route stops before there. OK, if you live close to where you work but not for most of us.

Car ownership is very expensive here. Everyone sees car drivers as a source of easy cash from the taxes on fuel, parking fees and the rules put around driving licenses, testing and insurance. In the UK we pay a premium every time we buy insurance to pay for those that don’t buy insurance and when we are fined for whatever indiscretion we pay a surcharge to pay for victims of crime even when our crime has no victims. Its take take take, it is no wonder more and more are driving without tax and insurance. What can you do to reduce your bills?

Sadly very little. The people that cannot balance the books are very good at leeching money off people. The only legal options you really have are to reduce your consumables or give up your car. It is an option if you live near the town centre and don’t travel much. Work out how much it will cost for taxis for when you do and consider that against running costs, insurance costs, tax and maintenance.

People are turning towards alternative fuels and supplements to reduce their fuel costs. Some cars can run on cooking oil. Used cooking oil used to be thrown away by fast food joints but now is rapidly becoming a commodity and is sometimes sold. Some cars can use add-ons like hydrogen generators to improve their fuel consumption. Quoted savings are up to 20%. There are other alternatives to explore.

Also consider motor bikes. If you have a license for one they have much reduced running costs although they do have other issues.

One item that is rarely considered and should be is the humble bicycle. It is cheap, no licensing costs, no driver license and runs entirely on planet friendly power with little environmental impact. It is fine for journeys of a few miles and can carry a small amount of baggage. In addition it can be used to keep you fit and improve your health. It can be used as a replacement for your car and public transport over short distances saving costs and can be parked anywhere. It will be painful to start with but your body will get used to it.

You also have to consider that one day fuel may be unavailable. There are many reasons this may happen. It matter not one bit. You will have no transport. You need to have alternative means of transport to suit your needs.

Personally, I have a bicycle but don’t use it. I live too far away from the town centre and work even further away. I also have a large drum of fuel in the garage in case of emergencies which I turn over every few months and a hand pump to fill the car up with. Get a drum and a pump for yourself and keep it topped up. In addition make sure you have basic tools for your car so you can change a type, fix the engine, steering and brakes. Routine maintenance. Also, buy a bicycle. Get a good solid one while you can and a toolkit for it and spares as well. If you are happy with riding a motor bike then consider adding one of these to your transport pool. It is worth thinking about.

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