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Objective Setting

When you start out on the road to self sufficiency the path appears stony and long. This can put many people off and thus they do not even start. You must consider the words of a wise man ‘The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.’ (Lao Tzu (570 BC – 490 BC))

Start small. Make plans and carry them out.

Most of us do not have the resources that we would like for this task, any task really. We make do with what we can and we make slow but steady progress. Sometimes slower and sometimes faster. Plan out and be realistic.

Professional planners, project managers etc. plan things out right down to the finest detail. They consider the risks and make contingency plans for the eventuality that the risks happen and the contingency plans need to be activated. We need to do the same, although not to the same levels. Remember the 6 Ps.


Plan everything out, even if it is a general plan and has a lot of flexibility. When you come to do specific tasks then you need to plan them in a little more detail.

For example. I plan to build a detached home for the animals is OK for a general plan. Converting a standard shed into a hen coop for 50 hens over the next weekend is more specific. Don’t get into too much detail too early as things can change.

In addition when professionals set themselves or others objectives they set themselves SMART objectives.


For example. Objective: To build a Hen Coop over the weekend. That is specific. It is also measurable as in the hen coop is complete or not. It is achievable with my skills and access to tools and I have nothing else planned for the weekend so it is realistic for me to do. The task is also time-bound as in the task is meant to last the weekend.

While you consider what is achievable. Think of your skills, experience and access to tools. While when you consider realistic consider what else you are doing and the timeframe.

Do not set yourself unrealistic targets as you will fail and start to get demotivated. It is OK setting yourself stretching objectives if you are of the type who does not get demotivated but most of us are not. Only set yourself realistic goals and do not plan too far ahead. Plan loosely and carefully.

I would suggest that your first tasks are to actually decide what you are trying to do here. Are you looking at moving off the grid or just looking at making your money go that bit further? Think about it very carefully and consider the rest of your family. I’ll explain more in Get Planning.

I would also suggest that you reduce your debt as much as you can. Governments get away with accruing debt because they simply leave it for someone else to pick up the tab. The rest of the world, be it corporates or people cannot do that. Clear your debts off and you are much better off. Make a plan and stick to it and make sure that plan is not just to pay the minimum per month. Treat your debt as a project, target it and destroy it as defined in Clear your Debt. Having a garden that grows all your food and a house that uses little electricity is great especially when it is repossessed. Not all the things you can do have to cost money.

While we talk about money. If you have money things are much easier for you. You can buy the best kit and the labour to do what you want. However, it is a trade off. You don’t know how to repair it or replace it when the situation changes and you may not be able to get someone else to work on it. You could easily need that skill later and it will be too late. Doing things yourself requires less money and has the advantage of teaching you new skills. The best way is to save your money for use where it matters and do what you can yourself.

Good luck and get started now.

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