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Organisational basics

Everyone has organisation skills. Some more than others.

In this context though we are simply looking at basic planning, basic organisation and it is no more difficult than organising a holiday or a house move.

We do it every day. For example; We get up and follow a routine of getting washed, dressed, breakfast, listen to the radio and leave the house. The routine has been developed over time and now we do it automatically.

When we do things that we don’t do every day or we don’t have too much experience with we plan things out in sufficient detail that we understand what we want to do and if we are doing something important we plan it out in detail and turn critical parts into checklists.

We also make lists, shopping lists, tasks to do and checklists. People use checklists for important tasks. So should you. Checklists ensure that you don’t forget things and enable less experienced people to perform the same tasks without having to really understand what is going on.

Start by planning out what you want to do here. Don’t worry it isn’t that difficult.

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