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Keeping your head down

Because of my background, I’ve worked a lot in the MoD, I always think about the security aspect of all my projects. From the actual physical security to operational security. Keeping quiet about it.

Operation security is a necessary part of preparing for issues. What we do not want is a scene like in the Twilight Zone episode – The Shelter, but in your home. Watch the videos if you have not already.

So preparing for a disaster while all those around you do nothing may not necessarily lead to any benefit for yourself. Our society will destroy you rather than say ‘Well, you did make sacrifices while we all just played, so you should benefit from that. Nope, it is ‘I want some. Why should you hoard food and water while we starve? Kill him and take it all.’

With this in mind you need to ensure that you keep your plans and your actual status quiet. That includes the rest of the family. It is important that you ensure their buy in to this. If one person tells someone else then when things start getting a bit sticky then it will be remembered and you will have a few visitors. You won’t believe how many friends you have if this happens and you can be sure that saying ‘No’ will not be an option. Keeping the family quiet about these things is not as easy as it sounds. Wives point and say ‘There he is preparing to overthrow the government’ when you buy some extra rice while kids say ‘My dad doesn’t like to run out of things. We have 200 sacks of rice’.

My lack of OPSEC was made apparent one day when I was out with the kids in the snow. We were stopped in a queue and with no movement for 15 minutes the kids decided they wanted a drink. ‘No problem’ I thought, ’I have several bottles of juice and some energy bars in the boot’. When I went to get them there was none left. All my drinks and food were gone. It wasn’t an issue then as the cars all moved after another 10 minutes but I had to put up with the kids being thirsty. When I got home I discovered that the wife had distributed the drinks and food to her friends as they waited to pick up the kids at school over a few weeks. Oh and the plasters, the bandages, the surgical tape, aspirins, ibuprofen, antiseptic, etc. Kids just love plasters for every little scratch and why buy your own stuff when you can get it from someone else. The fact of the matter being that when my kids got a cut or something when they were out with these same friends then no plasters or antiseptic was available from anyone.

I was livid but it taught me a valuable lesson and it also made me think about a moral dilemma so to speak.

At what stage do you share your drinks, food and medicine with strangers?
While waiting outside school and someone needs a drink, food or a plaster?
While out in bad weather do you share your drinks, food or medicine assuming it is a short term issue?
While out in bad weather do you share your drinks, food or medicine knowing it is not a short term issue and you could run out?
While out in bad weather do you share your drinks, food or medicine knowing it is not a short term issue and you will run out?
What about in the event of a real scenario? Can you turn away others knowing that they will die?
Could you kill others who are simply trying to live?

I’ve read articles on other sites where it suggests you get extra in for unexpected guests. However, I get what I can afford in but even if I could afford to double or triple up, never mind the little handout they are talking about what is the point? If you do share then the day they run out of that free stuff then they will be back for the next handout. I believe that if you refuse they will gather everyone and try and take it all. It is human nature. They are just not going to go away if they believe you have anything left. So leave space at the bottom of your garden for some special manure. I really believe that with human nature it will come down to that. Unless the guests are relatives or very close friends who also have prepared but caught out by events then I’m afraid I will not be sharing at all.

In addition in the event of there still being some form of government, with the police and maybe the army do you think they won’t be knocking on your door and taking everything you have worked so hard on and distributing it to the ‘needy’, which isn’t you.

Think about it. Decide what you are prepared to do to feed and protect your family. People who have not prepared will be doing the same things as you and I would.

What can you do to avoid these issues? There are no guarantees but there are going to be suggestions in other articles.

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