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Mental preparedness

Yesterday I posted an article about OPSEC which touched on the subject of what could happen if a disaster situation hit and your neighbours knew you were prepared and came calling.

Here it is again. Slightly edited but have a serious think about it. You need to.

What would you do in this situation? Watch the Twilight Zone episode – The Shelter. Watch the videos and think about how you would respond and what would happen if there was no all clear?

So preparing for a disaster while all those around you do nothing may not necessarily lead to any benefit for yourself. Our society will destroy you rather than say ‘Well, you did make sacrifices while we all just played, so you should benefit from that. Nope, it is ‘I want some. Why should you hoard food and water while we starve? Kill him and take it all.’

If you keep your plans and your actual status quiet then this may not happen to you but there are no guarantees. It still could.

Think about the following questions and then expand them as you think fit to cover other scenarios that you may hit. Decide how you would respond and be realistic.

At what stage do you share your drinks, food and medicine with strangers?
While waiting outside school and someone needs a drink, food or a plaster?
While out in bad weather do you share your drinks, food or medicine assuming it is a short term issue?
While out in bad weather do you share your drinks, food or medicine knowing it is not a short term issue and you could run out?
While out in bad weather do you share your drinks, food or medicine knowing it is not a short term issue and you will run out?
What about in the event of a real scenario? Can you turn away others knowing that they will die?
Could you kill others who are simply trying to live?

Think about it. Decide what you are prepared to do to feed and protect your family. People who have not prepared will be doing the same things as you and I would.

What can you do if they happen to you? Make a decision now because you need to plan for your situation. If you decide you can kill them all, then you need to prepare for that. If you are going to share you need to prepare differently for that.

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