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Rehydration Solutions

Every now and again something happens which can give someone diarrhoea. Sometimes this can be serious and may require rehydration or it can lead to death, sometimes in mere hours. If you have available some dioralyte or similar in your medicine cabinet then simply follow the instructions on the packet. What do you do though when there is none in the medicine cabinet? Well, you make your own.

There is an easily made solution that will rehydrate all ages and is easy to make and administer, even to children.

As people requiring rehydration are usually ill with something it is common sense to ensure that all tools used to make the rehydration fluid are sterilised and safe.

To make one litre of Rehydration Fluid.

– Half a teaspoon of Salt
– Six teaspoons of Sugar
– One Litre of cooled boiled water, or drinking water.

If you don’t have a measuring jug 5 cups is approx 1 litre. Each cup is about 200ml.

Stir the salt and sugar into the water until it has completely dissolved.

Flavour if required with 4 oz of Orange juice or mashed Banana.

Drip or feed to a child via a spoon. The aim is to replace the fluids lost through the diarrhoea so you should aim at feeding the same as is being lost.

For more information read about rehydration at the Rehydration Project.

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