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How we need to prepare


Living sustainably

I find it ironic that the Greens want us to abandon civilisation and revert to living from the land using sustainable resources in a futile attempt to stop the planet changing as it has done for billions of years. How egotistical, we believe we have the power of gods and evolution stops with us. Most Greens still live in their air conditioned home and pay lip service by buying tofu, preaching to the rest of us, pushing for more control on the common man, recycling some items and paying extra for their energy and food. Not really making many sacrifices though. It is telling that not many Greens are working minimum wage or on welfare. Just look at the King of Greens, the king of hypocrisy, Al Gore, for example.

Survivalists on the other hand see living off the land with sustainable resources as a way to survive and a base to rebuild from if something goes wrong. We are preparing for something, working towards a plan, and, again, most of us live in our modern homes and are hoping that nothing happens but we are of the mindset that we should prepare anyway. Like home, car and medical insurance, we buy it hoping that we will not use it but are happy paying the premiums for an unexpected eventuality. We come from all walks of life, from rich down to the poor on welfare. All with a common goal, albeit using different methods of attaining that, of ensuring our species survival no matter what happens to us.

Being rich does not automatically make you a survivor. In fact it is usually the opposite as the poor have a tougher life, they have to hunt, grow rheir own or make do to get that extra for the pot whilst the rich go hunting for trophies and bragging rights. The poor eat grains, bread and lower quality food whilst the rich eat caviar, pâté de foie gras and other expensive foods. They can afford it. The rich also exercise, usually in gyms and the like whilst the poor get their exercise by working. In the event of a survival situation who will get the greatest culture shock, suffer the biggest change in lifestyle and will have the most to learn and adapt to?

The opposite side of that of course is the rich can afford to buy all they want to prepare. They can buy ten years supply of food and water for everyone in their group, have a underground bunker to keep it in as well as bedding and cooking facilities with all the niceties of home, powered by water, wind or a solar farm, a large swathe of land to live in and farm, and all the tools and equipment they need. Even then, unless they live and work the area, they may be trapped in another part of the country or even another country if anything blows up.

There are few rich people actually doing all that. It will change as society deteriorates and they will have a good chance of survival because they can afford to pay what is necessary. The rest of us, which includes those who we class as rich because they have an expensive house, a car each and all the latest toys, are not going to be able to do that. We will need to build up slowly and prioritise our preparations.

If you are reading this then the chances are you have started your preparations already even if it is just to keep a few extra items in the pantry so you can survive a week without going to the shops. Using that as a base you can build on that as much as you can afford and wish to. Remember, life needs to be lived as well.

In my experience the biggest issue we have is getting our loved ones involved in the preparations. Modern kids brought up in a western society do not believe in sacrifice or doing without unless they are very poor. Almost everyone believes that someone will be there to help them if the situation gets really bad. ‘They wouldn’t allow us to starve’ is the cry. My reply is ‘Sure they would’ and I explain that our government has spent billions building bunkers and planning for the survival of the elite. Where in those plans is there anything to look after you? They will just disappear down those holes, paid for by you and when they come back up they will be healthy, heavily armed and ready to go. Don’t be anywhere near these places because they will need manual labour to work and replace their dwindling food stocks; they will not be your friends. Pretty much the same then as now.

Get your family involved; get them thinking about your views. Would you really want to be the only survivor? Your family dead and you with just your memories. I wouldn’t. In my case, I prepare, they smile but they keep OPSEC, probably because they don’t want associated with the nutter, and they all have a stock of food and essentials in their homes. My concerns are the extended family members and casual acquaintances I know as I cannot afford to prepare for everyone and once the situation deteriorates then they will find out and want in. I think I have a place for them in my plans.

If you can get your family involved, get them trained and experienced in what you can. It will also make living cheaper, both in costs and taxes, it is actually good for everyone physically, mentally and morally and some of it can be fun as well.

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