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How we need to prepare


Choosing your back-up/off-grid power source

A guest post by Skvez.

This article is the first in a series by SKvez on power. This one is on choosing which type of back-up/off-grid power source you want. I want to do another article on *sizing* this power source but this article is on the pros and cons of selecting what source to […]

The best laid plans – Phase 2

The continuation from yesterday on my last ditch fall back plan.

Now we are entering spring, the winter will have seen off most of the survivors so far and except for the governments ‘elite’, Ray Mears and Bear Grylls both of whom would survive a direct nuclear strike it will be mainly those that prepared […]

The best laid plans

By now you will have realised that the UK is a completely different ball game to the US. The US is big and cheap enough so that most of those who are of a survivalist mindset can afford a few acres of land off the beaten track where they can hole up for a few […]

Score yourself in preparedness

A guest post by Skvez.

Having just done the 2011 UK census I was wondering about a ‘preparedness equivalent’. It’s a path and we are all at different points on the path with different ideas of where we want to be. This score chart is far from perfect but I found it helpful to clarify […]