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Files updated

Just finished updating the spreadsheets after peer review. The new ones, all V1.0, can be found on the download links.

Any views you have on them are appreciated and will help to make everyone prepare just that little bit better.

4 comments to Files updated

  • moosedog

    Hi, I’m having some trouble with the files (as I refuse to pay Microsoft for software) so please excuse me if I duplicate anything you’ve already listed.

    With regard to “Situations You Need To Consider” I’d like to add:

    Tsunami. Not an obvious one but a large asteroid impact in the Atlantic Ocean would devastate parts of the UK and Ireland. There are also regular small earthquakes because of the Mid Atlantic Ridge but as this is a divergent tectonic plate boundary the risk of tsunami is low.

    Included in the above are earthquakes & asteroid impacts. Given how many near-Earth asteroids (19) were discovered on the first night of operation of Pan-STARRS PS1 in January there must be a lot more up there we don’t know about. Earthquakes don’t tend to be severe in the UK but they can and do happen: in 1185 Lincoln Cathedral was damaged by one and in 2008 Lincolnshire had a 5.2 earthquake. I was woken by it and at the time it was pretty scary as during the quake I had no idea how long it would last or how much worse it might get. My dog, Moose, slept right through it.

    Bio-terrorism/accident. See the BBC series “Survivors” or one of my favourite films, Twelve Monkeys.

    Supervolcano eruption. Yellowstone is well overdue and it could plunge the whole planet into a long term winter.

    Solar flare/CME. The sun’s activity is increasing. A large coronal mass ejection hitting our planet could knock out the entire electricity grid for, some predict, 10 years or more. The consequences would be devastating. Research the Carrington Event of 1859, or the collapse of Hydro-Quebec in 1989.

    Cyber terrorism: an excellent film about this is Die Hard 4. A very real threat.

    Zombie Apocalypse. Just kidding. I hope!

  • Skean Dhude


    Thanks for those. I’ll look at them and add in a couple to the spreadsheet. I don’t see Earthquakes as one for the UK they don’t do enough damage but the others are worth consideration. Although I’m surprised you don’t see zombies as an issue. They are top of my list.

    I deliberately do not use any sophisticated functions in the spreadsheet so they will work on all the spreadsheets in the free office suites. You don’t need to give Billy Gates pension fund a boost.

  • half

    The spreadsheets worked fine for me using open office Moosedog, its a free open source prog.

  • moosedog

    Thank you both: I do use open office but it’s one of those jobs on a long list of things to do to get it sorted on my netbook. To me computers and cars are a tool that I use, but I don’t like them and would much prefer to be doing something else. Like sharpening my anti zombie machete.

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