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Throwing rocks the low tech way

After some of the comments I’ve been looking at slingshots. I was surprised to find that I had an interesting time researching them considering that we are talking about two bits of string attached to a pouch. I was really surprised to see the ranges talked about are up to 500m and there are several different ways of making them. Things have changed since David was issued with sling mark II.

Now I’m not an expert but from what I could see I suspect the sling is as accurate as an air rifle up to about 30 yards. In my view more than enough for hunting in the UK and perfectly legal as well, well as legal as anything is in the UK nowadays anyway. I’m going out on a limb here and saying that the maximum distances talked about here are reached in the same way as a javelin and shot putt are reached in the Olympics. Fairly well unaimed but measured for distance. Even so these are impressive distances and make the slingshot ideal for what we are looking for in a survival tool namely, something we can make fairly easily from general items that do not require specialised ammunition, is silent and deadly. In fact you could carry this around in a small kit ready for quick deployment. Of course it all depends on one thing. Your skill. So you need to get practising.

The one thing I am puzzled about though is that standing there swinging a sling around your head is going to be seen pretty well by everyone and everything. I can imagine some animals staying still thinking that makes them invisible but I would have thought the more wary animals will be off like a shot. That includes the two legged type if it comes to that. However, it was used for hunting and so I suspect that animals must be unconcerned over certain distances. I know I can walk close to rabbits and pigeons before they take flight if you are careful and make no sudden moves. Same principle.

Go to and have a look at the ‘Advice and How-To’s‘ to see the different types being discussed and advice on how to use them. Simply pick one and give it a go. I think I’m going to try the Apache sling. Sounds just like something I should have a go at.

If you do. Let us know how you get on.

10 comments to Throwing rocks the low tech way

  • moosedog

    Thank you for mentioning slingshots, I hadn’t thought of researching them online and had only ever considered the ones with rubber tubing, the Black Widow type.

    In a long term “end of the world as we know it” situation we will have to become increasingly creative with our thinking as finite supplies of everything, including ammunition, run out. I hate pithy sound bites but “thinking outside the box” sums it up nicely. As does “adapt or die”. You may have noticed from previous comments that I dislike the american way of gung-ho full frontal assault with guns blazing, as it’s an easy way to get yourself killed. I like quiet, subtle, even sneaky, and slingshots are just that. I’m also waiting for a company I use frequently to get their non-return hunting boomerangs in stock as they are another excellent way of silently incapacitating your target, be it animal or human.

  • Skean Dhude


    Glad it was of interest.

    I have one of the black widow catapults already. Although I have not opened it yet. When I started looking I came across a few websites on catapults but most were just selling them. Then I found the slingshot offshoot, basically the originator, and was interested in the history and different types.

    I was thinking back to my schooldays when I built a slingshot and I remembered at the time I understood why the only real story about slingshots is a little guy and a big target. I was hopeless with it and could only hit my parents shed wall when I was standing inside the shed.

    Hopefully, I will be better this time.

  • Justin

    I was also looking into old school slings (string and pouch rather than Y shaped). I think it is the staff slings that have the massive range on them.

    Also, catapults do seem to be one way of skinning the cat (or at least killing it) so worth looking at.

    The above is a British company that makes hunting catapults. Tested at 18 foot pounds so better than the legal limit of 12 foot pounds for an air rifle without a firearms licence.

    I don’t have one but plan to get one as soon as I can. And a shed load of bands to go with it…

  • Skean Dhude


    Thanks for that. I’ll add them to my list. I’ve looked at the bands and wonder how long they would last. Rubber tends to perish.

  • PEACE ^_^

    Fireworks (get the Rockets, down side is they are very noisy) are good way to deter any suspected looters also Flash Bangs, thermite and smoke bombs for quick escape. I’m sure when the Government come out of the underground bunkers us preppers (resistance’s) is who they will be looking for. One thing for sure i will never ever expect their beast micro chip implants.

  • Skean Dhude


    Aiming is the problem with rockets. However the rest are always handy.

    I do though wonder what the government would gain from searching the UK for survivors and killing those that fail to conform. I doubt our pitiful toys will stand up against a well armed, well fed, self justified group.

    My personal view though is do you see a bunch of trained army people letting politicians tell them what to do in a TEOTWAWKI scenario? Families will be torn apart and gone and they won’t want to be following the orders of clowns like Cameron or Clegg when they have all the guns and training. A coup is inevitable. At that point I hope they all get the same justice Saddam and Osama got and Gaddaffi (How do you spell his name) is getting.

  • tom

    Take a look at gamekeeper catapults on youtube he sells his cattys through his email and paypal,avoid anything on ebay they arent genuine gamekeepers, i have 6 catapults and 2 slings, both my slings are homemade by myself, one is braided the other is a paracord and leather job my black widow is modified with homemade bands (soon to be modified into a slingbow) i have a cheap chinese one with dankung looped tubes two traditional ash forks with “DubDub” green elatic fitted i made these myself and 2 gamegeeper catapults; the pocket poacher and the pocket rocket 5 (incredibly ergonomic accurate and powerful, and easier to draw than barnett tubes) all of which are very capable of taking pigeon pheasant rabbit squirrel duck and any other small game available with 12-16mm lead or steel shot (lead is ideal) i hunt pigeon for the pot on a weekly basis and am occasionally tempted by a roosting pheasant, i have a catapult and ammo as part of my edc and would recommend anyone else to consider the concept.

  • trailblazeruk

    Nice one Tom

    I have been using “cattys” and slings since I was a lad as “In my day” thats all we had and i must say that i am stiil a very good shot– as you would expect after 40 years practice!

    I find modern catty bands last about 12 months then sort of MELT!! So I keep some in a ziplock bag and that seems to slow the process down- perhaps its oxygen related?

    Now I used to take Squirrel when out and cook in camp regularly and I have gained quite a taste for it- It is very pleasant and sustaining even though you dont get a lot of meat on a Squirrel you can eat most of it except the guts obviously. I say used to take Squirrel cos my Wife is a veggie eater and dont like it when I kill to eat–when she is watching!

    Anyway- although you have to practice a lot–catty and sling very effective small game taker-but so is a well made trap or better still a Gill net!

    Happy hunting team

    Take Care

  • tom

    well i picked mine up just after new year after 6years of not shooting and already take small game every weekend, my INCH kit contains very little as i plan on leaving and staying mobile if indeed i have to leave, i have a 100ft of paracord, a hammock, tarp, sleeping bag, fire kit, cook kit, some pre made snares aswell as snare wire,a handline fishing kit with spares, plenty of knives, lead shot and a mould and melting pot, 2 cattys and im building up a collection of spare bands because they will eventually break, and its not so much moisture as drying out and UV exposure, im currently building a few shelter frameworks near to my home and bugout route nuff said there and i plan to cache around 1000 lead shot at each one to compliment the 500 in my bag and the 50 in my EDC with a catty and small knife. working on a bow and arrow, ive had a a yew bough seasoning for a year in my attic and im gonna get rond to shaping it very soon, they cant regulate everything 😀 im confident of my ability to go off grid at short notice alone need to add a few more items for the other half like a tent and another sleeping bag cos if i left her behind she’d find me…. no matter where i hid… LOL

    all so far is in/on a 20L rucksackthat SHE can carry while i hunt/carry water

  • tom

    and i forgot to mention the gamekeeper catapults are capable of putting out 24+foot pounds with 12mm lead depending on band set up. John the fella who makes them recently made a keyring sized cataputl which chronographed over 50ft/lb insane his video is on youtube, hes gamekeeper john.

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