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How we need to prepare


Practice makes Perfect

The only real way to learn something is to do it. Time and time again until it becomes second nature and you have experienced the times when things go wrong and correct it. Professional snooker players play snooker at least 8 hours a day, professional golfers play golf at least 8 hours a day, the […]

Identify what you need to put aside – pt 17 – The Way Forward

The final article in our series ‘Identify what you need to put aside‘ is The Way Forward.

Obviously the items in this series comes to a lot of stuff to buy and it will not be cheap although for what it could mean it will be inexpensive. It may seem an insurmountable task to put […]

Identify what you need to put aside – pt 3 – Food

The next article in our series ‘Identify what you need to put aside‘ is Food.

Warning: Nothing here constitutes medical advice. I’m simply saying how I see things. You should take advice from your medical practitioner before trying an diet or following any advice read on this or any other web site.

The human body […]

Power 3: Off-grid power system, 12V or 230V?

A guest post by Skvez.

Part 1 of this series is ‘Choosing your back-up/off-grid power source’

Mains power in the UK is 230V A.C. (standard across all of Europe, the tolerance on this is +10% -6% and includes the 240V that used to be the standard for most of Britain). The A.C. is Alternating Current, […]