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Housekeeping today

Been adding some more downloadable files to the site and that made the drop down menus on the main bar go below the visible page. It meant I had the change the structure of those pages. Sadly, when you change links like that there is no automatic way to update all the posts, there isn’t even a way to identify the posts so I had to visit every page and every post and update them manually. I does mean that now they are future proof though so I took advantage and did the same to the book drop down menu structure. Saves having to do the same thing at a later date and with more posts. Two birds with one stone.

Found some broken URLs while I was doing it as well so it was a useful exercise and I found the PDF creation system doesn’t work with every post. I’ll have to look for a replacement for that. Four birds with one stone, how efficient is that?

I’ve also looked around some survival and prepping sites and added a few links that are worth a visit. Spent a bit of time out today just relaxing in the sun like a lizard. It is really windy but not as windy as in the US, good luck to all those over there.

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