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Go at your own pace

One of the issues that I have had mentioned to me is that people just cannot afford to spend all this money on an insurance policy that may never be needed.

I try and explain to them that it is all about risk and impact. The risk may be low that it will be TEOTWAWKI but if it does happen is the impact is major, very likely death for you and your family. The expense is mitigating for that low risk but high impact and in my view the expense for that mitigating is certainly affordable for all. The problem is that most of us have not done anything towards mitigation so they are at the bottom of the hill and the top seems so far away.

It is similar to a pension, with one major difference; you have a long time to save up for a pension so you ignore the little return you get. With prepping you have no idea how long you have until you may need it. However the little you put away at the start builds up to a big pile at the end, if you can keep the government away from it that is.

Go at your own pace, whatever you can afford and every step you take along the road to preparing reduces the impact just that little bit and increases your chances of survival. In addition, although the risk of TEOTWAWKI is low, the risk of an economic collapse is much higher and the stores you put aside for TEOTWAWKI will stand you in good stead for that. Just look at the natural disasters going on in the world today and consider your stores will help you with those issues. The return on your investment may be quicker than you think. The basics I am suggesting are for everyday living and expected to last over a year (See this series for the list of basics. The only items on this list that would not be consumed normally are the medical supplies)

Remember that preparing starts with the basics, it is only when you have fully mitigated against the economic issues and stocked the basics that you turn to events specific to TEOTWAWKI and then, and only then, the money you are spending is going towards mitigating for an event that is extremely low. My view is that if you can afford it you store all you can but again go at your own pace. You may decide not to put aside some of the later items.

Just start at the beginning and keep going. Even if you only have a few £ to spare it can make the difference. Go at your own pace until you want to stop.

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