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Self Defence Tools in the Nanny State

In the UK we have been disarmed. Although it has been put in place under the banner of saving the children we all know that it is really part of the world wide policy of disarming the citizenry and in the UK we always have to go that extra mile. Because of that certain air weapons, used by children for decades are restricted class 1 weapons. As with all legislation put in by people with an agenda they caused several unexpected consequences. Well, unexpected to them but predicted by everyone else they removed our right to self defence and encouraged criminals. Since then they have actually enshrined that removal in law. Only Plod has the right to shoot people, beat them up or hold them illegally without punishment. Sir Robert Peel’s principles torn apart by dickheads. This of course has led to a fall in support for the police. Only the elder generation and do gooders would be daft enough to get them involved in anything now.

This leaves us in a difficult position; we cannot carry any self defence tools or we are seen as the aggressors because we have escalated the situation. Criminal record for you and compensation for the thug for his hurt feelings. So what can we do?

In foreign lands the serfs, for that is what we are, trained themselves to use rice flails and sticks to defend themselves. Those were tools of the trade but we don’t have them and to carry them is illegal. What a shock. A walking stick seems a good choice but how do you explain it to Plod if you are fit and healthy? It is hardly inconspicuous.

One tool that seems to be growing in popularity is the umbrella as a self defence tool. There are umbrellas you can buy which have a steel core. Surrounded by the fabric the umbrella is solid enough to be used as a self defence tool but not enough to cause any physical damage. A few well aimed blows or thrusts will deter a mugger or thief and you do not have to be particularly adept. As far as carrying is concerned even fit people carry them because it may rain. It is the UK after all. Not only that it is British Gentleman’s tool. Think of the Avengers and John Steed. Tally Ho.

You can buy an unbreakable umbrella here. A book and DVD are available and here is a site with some tips.

This sort of tool would also be handy for when you are bugging out and before you have acquired some real equalisers.

8 comments to Self Defence Tools in the Nanny State

  • james charlton

    On the use of weapons,it is legal to own a crossbow if you are 18 and above,not only can this be used in the defence of your home,but is a useful hunting tool

  • Skean Dhude



    Shhhh. Don’t say that. No weapon can be used to defend your home in our nanny state.

  • This may sound daft but in the uk we are not allowed handguns and many will never use one which to me is bad because if the worst happened there will be handguns many can get there hands on, trouble is it takes time and practice to use one affectively
    I have had the chance to learn and use one but my family haven’t so a year ago I went out and bought a co2 semi automatic pistal to tech them use and safety I was surprised to find that they are very realistic in function and weight, while sat chatting to a friend who is also starting to prepare he asked if it could be used as a self defense weapon so I set about testing it.
    These guns are low power and really meant for traing and fun and would be no use as a main home defense weapon but I found it would be ok for a backup and in fact inside the small confines of the house very useful.
    Don’t get me wrong you would be better with weapon with power but how easy is it to move around your house with a bow, crossbow or shotgun all are good at a distance but inside a room, as I said I would not use it as my first choose but I would as a backup and at close range no it probably will not kill but 16 rounds in 2 seconds at 450 fps will hurt a lot and may give you the edge,
    The good thing with these guns is the ability to train with something we are no longer allowed to own but one day many have to use
    As I said this may sound daft to some, but it can be an affective traing tool that you can use and a new skill that may give you the edge one day,

  • Skean Dhude


    I’ve done the same thing to get used to a handgun. Hoping that I find one lying in the street after an event because I won’t buy one illegally, no sirree, not me. 🙂

    All my family, including the baby have handled my guns and my crossbows and know they are not to touch them unless I am present. All, except the baby, can use them correctly. Sadly, none of us can use the bow correctly but there you go.

  • lacey

    i was brought up amongst guns from a baby, shotguns(12 bore, 20 bore and a 4/10 also with 22 rifles this was before we were treated like children because nut jobs that had no right to have gun licenses were granted them by their local policeor magistrate. i was always taught to treat guns with respect, and as soon as i could walk i was taught to use these guns to a pretty good proficiency

  • Skean Dhude



    The politicians in the UK have always been of the mind that rather than stop someone from getting a gun because they are insane and have them take them to court they stop everyone having a gun. So no individual is targeted. It is a country wide ban. Of course like everything they dig themselves into holes legally and don’t actual achieve what they were after anyway. Unexpected consequences.

  • Mojo

    Yes, you will almost certainly need to protect yourselves from those who were so stupid they didn’t see “it” coming and prepare, whatever “it” turns out to be, but stop bleating about not being allowed to defend yourselves with a nice 9mm and go get yourselves a shotgun license and invest 300GBP in a pump action shotgun and a pile of shells… Am a Brit living outside the uk and spend many hours shooting glocks and all kinds of exciting shit including tactical weapons training and believe me, closing your eyes and blasting away in the general direction of an a assailant with a shotgun with a high degree of confidence that you will at least cripple the f***** is more viable then believing you could really a) wait, wait, wait…. 2 rounds to middle body b) wait, 1round to head… You need to have that screamed in your ear for at least a year by someone you know has done it for real and be able to hit your target (3cm at 15 meters) to be half way viable … That’s not to say the UK gun laws aren’t a cluster F******* but that’s a different issue 🙂


  • Prepper leigh

    This just highlights the gulf between us and say, our American preppers.
    We’ll have to rely on primative distance weapons but most of those require moderate training and practice.
    I too, have experience of firearms from 50 cal down to 9mm along with some high calibre hunting rifles in Canada. Two things:
    1. We all under-estimate the number of firearms that will “come out of the woodwork” WTSHTF. I just hope they’re in the right hands when it does.
    2. Perhaps it’s not a bad idea that we can’t just hand over our drivers licence and then buy a Colt Commando 7.62mm! We already have the upper ground on non-preppers. We watch, learn, wait, train and plan. Firearms would level the playing field.
    What’s your thoughts guys?

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