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The Rapture

Over the last few days another prediction of the end of the world has passed. On the 21st May The Rapture was going to take all the righteous up to heaven while the rest of us stayed on Earth. Well all I know for certain is that I didn’t go and I don’t know anyone who did either. Considering that although I am not heavily religious I live to the principle of doing nobody else any harm I must be in with a shout for being taken away before my time. Well, 2012 is only a short hop away and I hope it happens before the Olympics starts. That will be hell on Earth for those around London as our commissars Zil lanes make travelling to work in London even worse.

It was interesting reading the comments on some sites where people were considering The Rapture and their life in heaven. What would you do if you were left behind type questions were asked. Interestingly enough the articles changed slightly to survival in such a situation although why that should be I have no idea as most of us will still be here if only the righteous get airlifted out. Things will be pretty much as they are now then. I, of course, left a few comments on a couple of sites I visit regularly under another of my pseudonyms picking little holes in their rather hastily put together plans of keeping their starving neighbours away from their three tomato plants, a row of lettuce and a row of carrots with a spork and a flashlight if the shops had no food to sell. There was even a scenario created where the government raided private allotments and confiscated the food to force people to rely on the government infrastructure. I don’t see that happening btw although I do see them confiscating your food to share around. Socialism is all about taking it from those that have prepared and spent their own money and giving it away to those who have done nothing for themselves.

It seems that there are others out there who are starting to wake up. The high prices and the lack of freedoms seem to have more and more people looking up and questioning what is going on in the UK. Considering our stiff upper lip and our acceptance of abysmal service, the lack of honour and integrity among those who desire to lead us and our lack of any real rebellion to authority it is surprising how many protests we have had over the last year or so. It is an encouraging sign. I encourage that when I can but at the same time do not want it to tip over into civil war.

I see a significant portion of the modern UK with no bulldog spirit at all. Not even a Chihuahua spirit. They have been brought up by the state to depend on the state and have neither the thought nor the motive to change the situation. These are the people that have children they cannot afford, rely on an income from the state depending on how many children they have and give no thought to any future further ahead than the next episode of their weekly diversion. They are also the people who will be raiding your personal food stores knowing that they will have the backing of the state. Although I never like to say people are beyond help these are the ones that make me frequently reconsider my view.

The rest of them have been lulled into a false sense of security and have built up debt and just kept their eyes averted like we all do when we come across people in situations we don’t like to acknowledge like when we walk past homeless people and drunks in the street. We need to make them face up to their responsabilities and accept what is going on in the world. They are the group that could make a difference but they continue to vote for the same tribal leaders and carry on as they always have done.

With a bit of encouragement some of them may even start thinking about the scenario of self reliance, prepping and survival and thus take control over their lives and reduce their reliance on the state. With more people doing what we do which is taking responsibility for our lives and looking to the future we could change the UK back to how it was before 1950. A strong, self reliant society with a good sense of justice with policies based on morals and integrity.

The Rapture may never come but if we do nothing then there will indeed be Hell on Earth. Broach the subject of self reliance, no debt and prepping where and when you safely can without compromising your OPSEC. Try ‘I’ve heard about people having chickens, growing their own food….’ etc. Point them to this site and others so they can start the process of moving in the right direction. Every little bit helps and to steal a often used motto ‘If it saves even one life it is worth it.’

I’m doing my bit. Until I’m airlifted out of course.

2 comments to The Rapture

  • moosedog

    Oh… The Rapture…. I thought they said RUPTURE… I can take my tin foil hat off now.

  • Skean Dhude


    Keep it on there is plenty going on in this world that makes you wonder if some of the nutter theories are now becoming mainstream.

    I don’t know how many things I have read over the last few years that I question if it is not 1st April before I am reluctantly forced to accept it as true.

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