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Community spirit

One of the things I am trying to do here is to build up a UK based survival community. Not necessarily a village out in the wilds of Scotland or Devon but one where we share information and perhaps even help each other out in whatever way we can and now, prior to any real situation, is the best time for us to do that.

I do foresee a couple of issues though which I have mentioned before. We need to be careful who we are sharing information with. Most of us are alpha males and we want to be in charge of our own destinies. This makes us bad playmates when it comes to communities and we avoid sticking our head up above the parapet anyway. So, what can we really do about that?

Well as you now I set up the contact database. It has more people than I expected in it at the moment but many of those have opted to be invisible or have restricted their areas. That is fair enough and I was expecting it but it makes contact that much more difficult. In time though there is likely to be a productive and helpful community on there and I’m looking forward to that. It has started already as I know that some of you have already used the system to make contact with people in your local area. I was wondering if someone would let me know how that contact went. I want to encourage that and a good review would help. Obviously without any of the hard details.

I do get asked, and I was again today, about local community support and cooperation and I’m looking at a further article on that but in the end community support and cooperation comes down to you not me. I’m doing what I can already. What are you prepared to do about it? I will not push people into any situation and so you must make the first move.

In saying that though I am thinking of arranging something for July time. Have no idea what yet although I’m leaning towards a simple meet and greet to begin with and see how it goes. It will be in Cheshire if I do. Email me if you are interested or you have alternative suggestions.

2 comments to Community spirit

  • tinkertytonk

    I would be happy to meet up. However, I think you should be aware that you may be years before you have a solid group of people prepared to meet up just for a social chat. For years I have been involved in trying to ‘awaken’ people to what is going on in the world with public presentations on various subjects; lots of people agree with what I premot but getting them to ‘act’ peacfully to change theire lives is another thing!!!!

    I’d say if you just have five people who meet up regularly, are of the same mindset, then this site will have done its job and you have increased your chance of surviving should the Shit Hit The Fan (SHTF)

    Also I have a number of website would you be happy for me to place a link on them to your website? I will not give the name of my website out to you on a public forum as its not the place to do that; would be happy to do that by private email.


  • Skean Dhude


    Glad to hear it. I do see it being a bit slow as people are being very careful. I’m not rushing anyone or forcing them. I’m also going to be careful myself. As you say moving people from their lethargy is a difficult task but we will be able to say we tried.We didn’t just look after ourselves, we tried tomae people aware and gave them ideas.

    I think there are already more than five people who would be willing to meet up if the venue was OK, there was a good event and they felt safe. Hell, I’ll be the one at most risk because they will know the area where I live.

    I’ll contact you about the websites off site.

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