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Survival traits

I was talking today with a student who seemed to think that humans were the ultimate survivor. I disagreed. Although I agree that as a species humans have adapted our environments to suit our needs, we have developed housing, heating, transport and a million of things to improve our lot in life. We are currently top of the food chain and we will eventually expand out into space and if we develop FTL we will spread over our galaxy and eventually the universe. We are not true survivors.

As individuals we are actually quite stupid. Animals have better survival instincts and are better at surviving. Animals will fight to the very last in impossible situations to live. You don’t hear about animals just giving up and waiting for the inevitable. Our capacity for thinking ahead can cause us to give up and stop fighting. Sure you have a few of us who are survival experts, and I don’t include myself here, and they can survive in most environments while most humans would die after a night in the cold and little food. Most animals, on the other hand, will survive a cold night and little food. History is full of stories where people have starved or died because they simply gave up or waited for someone to come and sort out the situation.

Animals will make a shelter and snuggle up to keep warm while we sit on ice and freeze to death. Animals eat anything they can find while we starve surrounded by food we just don’t recognise and animals will turn and fight against a foe many time larger and stronger whilst we lie on the floor begging for our lives.

Although man as a species is a success, man as an individual is a dependent creature who needs a lot of help. Not the predator we once were, we have become soft.

As preppers we want to be a survivor, we want to be adaptable and not give up and we want to fight and live. We need to be one of those that can. They are not born that way, they are trained and practise that craft to enable them to do that. We can do the same. So it is a simple thing, do you decide to be one of the sheep on this planet and die when things go awry, or are you going to be something as basic as a mouse and survive. It is a state of mind, an animal instinct and most of us have lost it. Not bred out but trained out by soft society.

Get it back and change from a sheep to a vicious animal, a survivor.

3 comments to Survival traits

  • maddog

    i think our survival chances decrease with every year. if it isn’t us bringing up generations of people who think rights are the ability to take from free from hard working people it is equipment that cannot be maintained food that cannot be reseeded or people that think othersw are going to look after them protect them and tell them whaat is the best way to live there life

  • maddog

    and those that are more likely to survive are the kids who are left to do what they want by there parent they learn to live without other and without help from an early age they dont fit in this society but will if TSHTF

  • Skean Dhude


    I think we are in agreement there. The problem is that some of these people are our loved ones and we are taking them with us. At least they will then have to change.

    In all the books and films it is the feral that survive. The pampered get used as slave labour or are wiped out. I don’t see the real world being any different.

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