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A parasitic relationship

After everything that has gone on over the last few years it is surely proven that allowing governments to print their own money and manage the money supply is a stupid thing to do. We are trillions in debt in a stupid merry go round where everyone owes everyone else. Some countries are less in trouble than others but we are all in the mix.

The part I find funny is that we owe money to countries that we are giving aid to and owe others money who owe money to countries that owe us. It is a very incestuous relationship and the only losers are the tax payers who get ripped off all the time.

It is time we jumped off the merry go round and got out of this situation. The only problem is that our government will not let us. It is sucking at the teat and will not let go. Personally if I had the capability I would simply stop work now and starve the beast but I can’t I need to work to save up for my bunker and land. Any savings I make and any provision I put away for the future is eagerly taxed as much as they can. Makes my pension provision a fraction of what it should be. I would never advise anyone to get a pension nowadays. The system is screwed.

This has an impact on our preparations because everything we need to buy is increasing in price well beyond our wage increased and taxes take most of our money now. What can we do?

Note: The following is not financial advice. It is just me rambling and I would suggest you consult a financial advisor before you make any financial decisions.

I have to say that for my protection as I am clearly not a financial adviser although another leech sucking on you is hardly a plus.

Well, the short answer to what we can do is not a lot. I would suggest that you don’t save any money in savings accounts as it is becoming worthless and just loses value every day. Put your money is something that will benefit you such as paying off your debt and buying land or non perishables. Just be careful what you invest in to ensure it will be useful after an event. I am avoiding precious metals which others are getting into because I don’t know how many loaves I can get for a bar of gold and it isn’t very tasty. I could starve to death surrounded by a fortune in gold if that is all I buy.

I’m looking at bartering more, growing my own food and stopping using banks paying by cash where I can. I will reduce my banking presence to one account for my fixed costs and start using alternatives where I can for everything else.

I found this peer to peer currency called BitCoin on a technical site and although it fills me with concern financial people I know say it is a workable system as it is a bit like trading in precious metals, like gold, where there is only a finite amount out in the market with occasional injections of new material. It works for gold so why not digitally? Makes logical sense but I can hold gold but not bits. Maybe I am just punch drunk on financial matters.

I’m going to set up an account there and see how it goes. There are stores that take this as payment and it keeps your financial records out of the reach of the government which must also be a plus.

In the meantime have a look and see what you think. Look at what you can do to lower your dependency on parasitic systems and let me know any ideas you have. I’ll let you know how BitCoin goes.

11 comments to A parasitic relationship

  • Ellen

    Did you know about this?
    Kinda makes ya think, need more sneaky snake, hiding what you are doing etc.
    Hope the link works if not go to Rawles—– it is in June 2, Odds and sods.

  • Skean Dhude


    No I didn’t but I’m not surprised. Although with the publicity it is getting the council will soon mae a U turn. It is all the rage in politics.

    They need to have everyone where they can see them doing what they are told.

    (rubs the hemp rope) Soon my pretty, soon!

  • Ellen

    Well that kinda bull is going on over here (across the pond)and I think it is so immoral for the gov’mnt’s to barge in and do this. Man alive it isn’t like anyone is hurting anyone else.
    And she was paying taxes what the poo.
    Yes, pretty soon

  • Skean Dhude

    No farmer can afford for any of his sheep to not contribute to his income.

    Government needs a shake up and they will get one soon. They will take the wrong tiger by the tail on day especially as they have set up death panels and are making life and death decisions.

  • fred

    You must be flush to pour money into that.

  • Skean Dhude

    Hardly need to be flush to try it. Mickey Mouse money is all I get.

  • Skvez

    BitCoin concerns me a little. It is also a fiat currency. The people who win are the bitcoin miners but someday someone will hack it and flood the system with bitcoins.

  • maddog

    i looked and it makes no sense to me are we not trying to get away from reliance on others

  • Skean Dhude


    I feel the same way but I’m looking for solutions that do not involve the government. BitCoin may not be it but it is a start especially as governments are looking at retricting trade in gold and silver. Clearly lead is going to be the next favourite commodity metal. 🙂 Freely given to some.


    I understand your concerns. I think we all have them but I’m less bothered about my reliance on others and more my reliance on government. In this case my concern is about a string of bits in a computer than can be worthless in one CPU cycle.

    My primary savings route is via food and water.

  • Ronnie

    As I’m loosing my money in my bank/”savings account” (Trade descriptions? When inflation is higher than interest rate, it IS loosing money, therefore, surely NOT a savings sccount..?)

    Don’t have enough money to make it worth while setting money aside to invest in something like China. I’ve figured its better to buy stuff that’ll store. So work boots, soap, things that I will definately need to buy in the future, regardless of what happens, and will keep might as well be bought now.

  • Skean Dhude


    It has been that way for some time now. Better off spending it and stocking up on things. Ensure you have enough for emergencies though such as a car breakdown or a water leak. You never now what can happen.

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