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A small luxury

I’m just finishing off my main vice. A bag of sweets. I love chews, soft fruit chews intended for kids and clearly much older men. My kids don’t eat many sweets and so they eat less sweets than I do. If I’m reading a good book I just keep dipping in until they are gone. Now soft chewy sweets do not last long in storage. Beside the tendency to eat them they have a tendency to turn into a sticky mass. I still eat them then but it is really messy and I suspect they would not store too well in long term storage without refrigeration. Although I wonder if a propane fridge just for my sweets would be a justifiable expense. Mmmmm.

So I scoured the internet looking for how to make soft chewy sweets and there was nothing on making the type of sweets I was looking for. I’m clearly not a search expert as there must be something out there.

What I did find out there though was the following sites with recipes for sweets. These should be enough for treats for the kids and keep them in rewards.

Let me know if you have any other links.

In addition I have in my book collection a couple of books on making sweets as well. Will be a worthwhile investment even if there is no event.

In the meantime I continue my search for soft chews as I’ve just finished the bag. Anyone know of any?

6 comments to A small luxury

  • fred

    Well, you seem to have quite enough resources at hand. Hope they don’t rot your teeth though because then dental issues come into it, in survival mode.

  • Skean Dhude


    You are spot on about dental issues. I should actually consider that when stocking upon sweets. Perhaps one tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush for every ten bags of sweets should offset the risk?

  • Skvez

    Alas while brushing helps it won’t stop the damage.

  • Skean Dhude

    This is a catastrophy. What is the solution?

    And if you say stop eating sweets then it is about time science caught up with reality. It is bad enough that bacon is bad for you but add soft chews and I wonder if survival is worth it. What would life be like?

  • Skvez

    I don’t know that there is a ‘survival’ solution.
    The human being just wasn’t designed to eat the amount of sugar we consume today.
    We’re designed for a small amount from fruit but that’s a tiny fraction compared to the amount of processed sugar in the western diet.
    I think the solution might be for us to grow a new set of teeth every 20 years? (A similar but faster process works for sharks)
    Care to do some fairly radical gene modification on yourself?

    Science has an answer. Get all your teeth capped with gold ‘fillings’ that are a lot less susceptible to acid erosion. You’d just end up looking like a gangster rapper. I don’t fancy the risk of being mugged and having someone pull my teeth though!

    You need to train yourself to like munching down on vegetables instead.

  • Skean Dhude


    This sound bad. Although I have been eating these sweets for a very long time so maybe I don’t eat as many as I imply. I don’t eat much of any other sweets or puddings really so this is my main sugar fix.

    I don’t fancy gold teeth. I don’t think I can afford them for one.

    I prefer to snack on fruit but that has its own sugar problem.

    It sounds like I’m doomed. All I need is for someone to tell me bacon is bad for me and I may as well end it now.

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