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Site changes

I don’t have any financial income from the site beside Amazon referrals and, once, an item donated for review. So I fund this and my other sites myself via my hosting service.

As you may be aware I have been looking at Bitcoin as an alternative bank. I’m still not convinced about how it works but I have noticed it in use elsewhere on my travels so I’m going to give it a go. If you want to contribute without spending any money you can click this link and contribute some spare CPU horsepower while you browse. I have also added a link so that while you browse the site it contributes some horsepower as well.

Click here to donate some CPU to generate Bitcoins for SurvivalUK

If this causes concern or is an issue for you then let me know and I’ll look at changing it but at the moment it seems win win. Everyone can contribute at no cost to themselves, I get to try Bitcoin at no cost to myself and although I don’t see much being generated from it it will be an interesting experiment which I will keep you updated on.

3 comments to Site changes

  • maddog

    your pal at survivalblog is also using this system i dont understand it myself how can it not cost me anything and gives you money to spend

  • half

    Its not generating when I click start, I’m using firefox on a linux box.

  • Skean Dhude


    At this stage in Bitcoins life it is possible to generate money by supplying processing power as Bitcoin has no central servers. Eventually when enough Bitcoins are created this will stop and it will work just like any other currency.

    For the moment though you can supply processing power while you are online and generate some Bitcoins. I’m asking for you to contribute any you create to my Bitcoin account so i can try it out.


    It uses javascript I believe. Perhaps you do not have that or it is disabled on your system. Thanks for trying but I wouldn’t enable javascript if you don’t have it running. Too insecure.

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