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Medical knowledge

I’ve been looking at medical facilities after an event and as we are all aware there are going to be issues with simple medical equipment, never mind the issues around getting treated by someone with medical experience. However, despite the odds Doctors, Paramedics and Nurses will be available, they will just be in very short supply and be very highly sought after. You will need to ensure that your group is the sort of group that will attract these people and can keep them. Keep feelers out to attract them to your group and also train anyone in your group who shows the slightest aptitude for medical work.

However, doctors are not the full story, they are like PC technicians in a way, they look at the symptoms and diagnose the most likely issue. They treat that and if it doesn’t work or the symptoms change they will revisit your case armed with the latest information, hopefully coming out with a new improved diagnosis. The difficulty after an event will be two fold; the lack of medical consumables and the lack of diagnostic tools.

The consumables and books should already be in your stores, at least for as long as they can last.

To get the best diagnosis possible your Doctor needs to understand your body, how it works, what causes it issues and its current issues. Most of that are taught in medical school or are learnt in the real world. However, your medical history will be unknown to them. This can be fatal under normal circumstances if you are treated incorrectly and will be worse after an event. You can help fix this by collecting your medical information from your doctors and storing it in paper form for later reference by whoever is treating you. If you cannot do that then you should at least prepare an overview of your medical status with what you know.

I would suggest you have a paper list for every member of your group with your complete medical history or at a minimum the following recorded for each member of your group;

  • Blood Group
  • Allergies
  • Medical History
    • Innoculations
    • Surgery
    • Treatments
  • Hereditary information
  • Any Medicines you are on

That way you can keep your new medical practitioner informed of your status and, hopefully, ensure that you receive the best treatment possible in a very difficult situation.

The onus is on you. Nobody else can collate this information and it is in your best interest to get it right.

5 comments to Medical knowledge

  • fred

    You can help fix this by collecting your medical information from your doctors

    If they’ll give it to you. I’m in dispute with mine.

  • Skean Dhude


    You may be in dispute but you have a right to your records. They must give them to you on request via, not unexpectedly, a long winded process. Although, they may remove some notes first depending on what is in them. You should make a format request to the clinic you are registered at.

  • St Johns do excellent courses in first aid and of course stocking up on meds is a must.

    I`m looking into antibiotics at the mo, not as simple as i thought.

  • Skean Dhude


    St Johns provide a good service and should be supported. They supply many medical items from their online store.

    Antibiotics are going to be an issue for storage as many need refrigerated. I can see them running out very quickly and that is why I’m looking at natural antibiotics.

  • Tommie Chmura

    There are many natural antibiotics that you can utilize. For example, grapeseed extract is a good natural anti-microbial.”,;*

    Kind regards

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