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Looking to the Future – Education

The next article in our series ‘Looking to the Future‘ is Education.

Education is a subject close to my heart. I believe it is the great equaliser and allows people from all walks of life to gain the necessary skills to compete at the same level as everyone else. So no matter where you were born you can work to better yourself. In the same way some people are just naturals in other areas and can make their way that way. The big issue today is that education is so PC that the kids are indoctrinated by socialist education and this ruins most of their chances. Private education, afforded by the wealthy, ensures their children have a clear advantage.

After an event the educational requirement will be much different. We won’t be looking at the mainly thinking skills such as particle physics or applied mathematics but at the basic, simple sums, basic medicine etc. I’ve already written a couple of articles on education, read the first here and, looking a bit more to the future, here.

As you can see I have a clear view on what we need to teach as basics;

  • Mathematics
  • English
    • Language
    • Written
  • Science
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
  • First Aid
  • Hygiene
  • Basic survival
  • Thinking
    • Morals
    • Ethics
    • Logical Thought

As we progress and have some ‘free’ resources we will need to educate our brightest and best in more advanced subjects. We want to have Doctors, Engineers and Scientists to help us improve our society although at this point there is unlikely to be any of these people around to teach pupils and your school teachers, who will be people like you, will be well out of their depth. There is only so much you can do and that is why storing books is so important, even subjects you do not understand.

Being a teacher is a very powerful position and most do not recognise it as such. Teachers have the power to shape minds while they are at a very impressionable age. The kids trust the teachers and believe what they say. Many teachers in the public system are socialists and just by stating their beliefs children pick them up and believe them. There is no recourse. So we need to ensure that we put our brightest and best in teaching our kids while we, as parents, ensure that they are also taught the things we find important. They learn from adults behaviour and mirror that. Make sure it is the right behaviour.

In addition some will have skills and experience that they need to pass on, for example you may have a Doctor in your group or a tracker, etc. Those skills need to be propogated. You could even barter with neighbours for educational needs, you may need some skills and you may have skills they need and you should always try and spread the skills and educate others rather than risk losing the only person with those skills to an accident.

A simple formal community area would do. A room in a house or as the community grows a public room put aside. Doesn’t have to be fancy.

Unfortunately we will need the kids to perform certain tasks for us. This will limit the school day and as we are taking them to a specific level that will also limit the age of the pupils. Once they have completed the courses then they are off to earn a living. Later on, when further education comes in, selected pupils can stay on to learn more but that will not be for everyone.

I would envision that there is not much to fund here, only the teachers. If it was a family, you would have to educate your own children. So the parents would contribute their time, if you couldn’t then you would fund, or barter, for someone else to teach your child as part of a larger class. If the community was large enough it could be a full time job but preferably a part time role for several people.

Everyone needs a basic education. As a society we demand it to make the most of every people and allow them to earn a living. As a small community however, we cannot afford to have too many unproductive people, especially young healthy adults. It will be a compromise with education losing out over staying alive at first and will adjust as time goes on and the community thrives.

Next up is Infrastructure.

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