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How we need to prepare


Time for consolidation

As you can see I do spend some time thinking about things. Not just things that can happen but what those bring with them. I hope it has helped you think about things that could impact yourself. I now think it is time for me to pause and consolidate where I am.

So far I have defined what I think we should be putting aside. Sure, it is a lot but you don’t have to do it all at once or even all of it if you don’t want to I have explained the reasoning behind it. I also went overboard on the medical kit, again I explained why. I’ve also pointed out other things I think we should be putting aside. However, there are several things I need to sort out (in priority order);

  • I need a job. I need to spend more time on looking
  • I have got the lists to update with the changes we have identified
  • I have made promises about articles I will do
  • I want to do some articles on making things we need
  • I need to look at getting the data here into a readable format

and if I get the time

  • I want to try and arrange an event in the North West
  • I want to look at setting up the Forum

In the meantime, I will still be posting daily if I can just not any long series or posts, except those promised.

In the meantime feel free to write to me via the contact us link if you want anything.

1 comment to Time for consolidation

  • moosedog

    Well done & thanks for what you’ve done so far, I know I couldn’t have done it!

    Any idea when the event in the North West might be, if it occurs? I’m getting my holidays organised for next year and would like to have a “shakedown” trip to Inverness on my bike before going to Italy. Would be good to take in said event en route if possible.

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