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Couple of nuggets of information I’ve gathered that I’m passing on. Might be interesting, may not, depending on your interest.

During the discussion on financial systems I was thinking how much easier that would be in a Forum. So creating a forum has moved up the agenda a bit. I’ll have to find some software, I don’t know much about forum software, and roll it out on a trial. Still be a while yet, busy, busy, busy, but I will do one.

After the riot in Tottenham I was wondering if that was going to be one of the initial sparks that would signal trouble in the UK. From what I have heard today it doesn’t sound like it but you have to admit there are more than a few rumblings at the moment. One of them could gain momentum but as this was against property I don’t see anyone, except for the property owners and the insurers, caring much. The government certainly doesn’t care about them. One to watch though.

ASDA have a super range of tents ranging from a two man at £12 to a 6 man at £40. Well made, complete, compact and easy to set up. Well worth the price. I bought a two man for £20 last week and I went camping in the back garden yesterday just to check out my new 2 man, or in this case one man and a girl, tent and check the stored camping gear. Today packing it all away I was again struck by the fact that although everything comes out of a nice neat compact bag I always struggle to get the equipment back into the bag. It takes me a lot longer than putting up the entire system just to put the tent away, never mind the blow up beds. Is there some technique I am missing?

Found a couple more Self Sufficiency sites through Plumbing The Depths, a fishing website by one of our commenters Nick, they are Blagger, Go Self Sufficient and Self Sufficient. They deal with Self Sufficiency in the UK and are well worth a visit for the many varied articles they contain. I’ve added them to the sidebar for convenience.

6 comments to Nuggets

  • moosedog

    I was based near the London riots of 30 years ago. Same mindless violence, same criminal types looting for their own profit. The insurers will just put their premiums up again and every law abiding citizen who happens to have buildings and/or contents insurance will be paying for these new riots for the rest of their lives, as once the premiums go up they won’t be coming down again. Then of course there’s the potential for the government to bring in “emergency powers” which could be the start of their clampdown on what little freedom we have left in our society. Riots, looting, anarchy in the UK. Someone has to pay. They always do.

  • Skean Dhude


    You are right. However I think that the situation is different this time. The government is hated. that is a given. Plod is no longer respected. We didn’t have riots in so many different places before only where something was triggered. Now we have others up and about in places unrelated to the troubles. There are several common denominators and anyone who thinks it will settle down if they clamp down is in for a surprise. It will make people who are currently less radical join them. Of course being politicians I don’t expect them to do anything different from the default jackboot.

    All I can suggest is to increase the rate of your purchases.

  • moosedog

    Hmm… increase the rate of my purchases… a good excuse to buy that new motorbike now!

  • Skean Dhude

    Hmmm. Close. I was thinking of other things but if a motorbike is on your list.

  • Yo,

    Thanks for the mention.

  • Skean Dhude


    No problem. Hope it helps.

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