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Couple of nuggets of information I’ve gathered that I’m passing on. Might be interesting, may not, depending on your interest.

I hate spammers. The forum now seems to get 9 spammers for every real member. I’m banning several spammers a day. These robots are getting more sophisticated and it seems there are actually humans now paid to answer captchas so that the robots can get in. Bastards. This site is getting spammed at the rate of over 100 a day now and increasing. What they get from some of the messages is beyond me. I wonder if they are having fun now to keep from getting bored.

I’ve removed Bitcoin from the sites. It has been running for a while now and isn’t doing what I hoped. It also caused issues with certain laptops running older versions of the software so rather than spend time fixing the issues I just removed the software. So if you had issues then it should be fixed, let me know if it isn’t.

Things are going to get much tighter in the future. A new tax starts next year where you pay another 8% to the government for another pension. That makes two Ponzi insurance/pension schemes run by the government, the first being so successful, for them. Couple that with the rising cost of power, 15% on average, for green taxes and the knock on effect of green taxes on business, which increases costs on food and supplies, and your money is not going to go anywhere near as far. Don’t count on the government to help much either if you become unemployed as they are finding their funds running out and you are forced to volunteer to be a slave in Camerons ‘Big Society’ at zero wages. I think the riots this year will be insignificant to what will happen next year. So make sure you prepare what you can now before things get tight. You can then keep your head down whilst those that have not prepared go out and set fire to things. Remember OPSEC though.

Revisiting food printing. It seems that they are looking at releasing food printing technology to restaurants and home chefs. Depending on what the cartridges are, how they are refilled and how long they can be stored this could be interesting to us for our luxuries. A step closer to Star Trek Replicators although for us the power usage could be an issue.

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