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How we need to prepare


Information overload

I work in IT and one of my favourite areas in Business Intelligence and Data Handling. It is interested but I don’t actually have to understand the data simply process it and display the results. Modern systems now are so complex and display so much yet when you talk to the key movers you find that out of the masses of data displayed to them there are only a few key items they are interested in. The rest is backup data which is used to justify their decisions.

Survival is a bit like that. We have masses of information available to us for our use and yet most of us just don’t have the time to read that information and make our plans. We however pick up the basics from places like this site and others experiences. However, a third party report may skip over a key area and you could be in trouble. You should read at least one of each area yourself at least once.

In a way though we are lucky, many items can be excluded very quickly due to certain criteria, for example; a Desert Survival book. If you don’t live near a desert then you can ignore this. However, I’m a firm believer in keeping the book because you just never know. An asteroid strike could move Earth a little and turn the UK into Arizona.

Now my particular way of handling this is to pick a book, a recommended one preferably, and then read it from cover to cover making notes and item lists, I love lists remember. That gives me the basics and a basic understanding. I then will buy and store or simply collect a PDF of similar books but won’t necessarily read them all unless I read somewhere that it is recommended or a key book. I’ll then read it and update my lists.

Then after an event you should have the basic equipment and a simple understanding of what is going on. Reading the additional books will enhance your knowledge in what is now a skill you must master. You will be more inclined to remember and practise your new knowledge.

If you are lucky and actually meet someone who is already and expert then the books would be an aid in enhancing their knowledge for a survival situation. Many books we have will have tips from those doing these tasks for self sufficiency. Our expert may be used to a support organisation behind him and any help for the transition would be beneficial in this tough time.

Finally, having several books would be of benefit when you are building a community. You can get others to read the books before they actually start to get involved in the tasks. If something happens to your expert you can train another if necessary and any learners can use the books to get up to speed.

The issue with too much information is that people tend to start ignoring the data and don’t bother reading it. We cannot afford to do that. We must understand key areas before we hit an event, we must be prepared for those key areas and we must have the ability to enhance them after an event.

To this end I collect as many books as I can, I read avidly all the books I think are relevant for my situation and make lists of what I identify I need for after an event, before the event when I can purchase the items, and then I can practise, with aid of the books, after the event with all the right tools for the job.

You should do the same.

2 comments to Information overload

  • fred

    I’m a firm believer in keeping the book because you just never know.

    Thereby necessitating a largish house? You’d then need to employ a secretary/librarian to keep and collate. I knew someone in an ordinary job who did that – employed this woman. They then had an affair and that complicated it.

  • Skean Dhude

    Mmmmm. I think I do need a secretary/librarian.

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