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Audience Participation

Things are clearly much different in the UK to our close cousins in the US. It isn’t just to do with numbers as I find that many more US people are self reliant compared to us in the UK who have grown up looked after by the nanny state. It’ll end badly for someone, exactly who remains to be seen though. I have my hopes as I’m sure they do.

Things do seem to be changing though in many ways. More people are looking at escaping the rat race, objecting to high taxes and subsidising people who are not prepared to work as well as pouring money into projects at the whims of useless politicians. The politicians have not quite woken up yet but they will get a rude awaking one day. I’m happy if that is standing on some scaffolds, looking down the barrel of a gun or simply a dawning realisation at the office. Although if they want it peaceful they better make the decision quick though. Many people are waking up and would prefer one of the other options.

For the majority of us who are preparing and have been for some time we were really preparing for something we could not control; a nuclear war, asteroid strike or a pandemic. Now the concerns on everyone’s lips are economic collapse. It shouldn’t really make that much difference as the money is simply fiat money and is almost worthless now but it looks like it will have a significant impact.

There are a lot of people visiting this site that simply read an article and move on, a smaller amount, clearly new to the prepping life, who trawl every page and download everything and there is a core few who participate to keep the site going. I would prefer more interaction although I suspect most people don’t feel comfortable enough to comment. The clock is counting down and we need to move as fast as we can. The more who do the more who will survive and the quicker society will return. I can’t do much more myself.

I need audience participation, those that do are appreciated much more than they think. It enables us, that is our little community and it feels like a family, to identify where our issues are and we all help to fix them and fine tune our own plans.

I’m also looking at bringing in more people. We need to spread the word and make sure that anyone who thinks about prepping can find out how to start and how to go about it. The US sites are good, no doubt about it, but I feel, and have put my money and time into it, that they do not cater for the UK environment which is what we need. There are significant differences in key areas and we need to make sure that our specific needs are covered.

It needs your help though. Those who are reading this but have not commented on this site or the forum. Get involved; share your experiences, hopes and concerns. Spread the word to like minded people and help make your preparations right for you and help us fine tune our own. Everyone has different needs and live in different situations so the fine tuning is different for all of us. Nobody is fully prepared for what is to come no matter how long you have been preparing. We are as prepared as we can be and fine tuning is always needed.

I’ll keep the site going and do what I can to get more people involved for as long as I can but you will be the people that make the difference. For those that are already participating I thank you for what you have done. You have already taught me many things either by email or shared on the site itself and have made my journey more knowledgeable and make my work feel worthwhile. You know who you are.

16 comments to Audience Participation

  • Silent Storm

    Keep up the good work S.D. it’s appreciated.

  • grumpy old man

    i second that it does feel like a little family to help each other just when you think you have your plan done you find a new thought or some one to bounce your ideas off right and wrong

  • Ellen

    Listen I read your site because I like to know what the across pond-er cousins are up to. It makes me glad to know that their are those that think like us (few??) here in the US.
    Sometimes this gets to be lonely even if we can communicate with others about it.
    But your right we should give a shout out to others to keep their spirits up and to keep us going.
    We have to share ideas so that we have helped to cause at least one more the ability to survive even this inflation.
    Love your site.

  • Kenneth Eames

    Hello Skean, Keep the site going. I appreciate what you have done for true survivalists. Unfortunately, the so-called survivalists that I know have only been on the site once. What more can I say about it. I will endeavour to try to create more interest by talking to all my friends. Even if they visit the site there is no guarantee they will participate. I am sure that you expected a better response than this. I certainly did. I certainly enjoy the contributions by members. Keep going! Kenneth Eames.

  • sue

    Thank you for what you do. Some of us find it difficult to comment but that doesnt mean we dont appreciate the work you put in to this site. Personally I will attempt to be more proactive in future.

  • Skean Dhude

    Thanks for that. I’m not considering shutting down. I’m just trying to get the people who visit regularly but don’t participate get involved. That will make the site more useful to us all.


    Welcome. Thanks for that. We all have something to share.

  • JD1

    I tend to look at various prepping forums and in general there are only ever a small nucleus of people (10 – 15 or so)who regularly post, even if the sites membership numbers in the 100’s.

    Sometimes newer members may be put off posting by fear of being shot down in flames by someone else, or if they are new to prepping they are maybe wary of asking a question that has been asked before. To encourage these newer people to participate prepping sites need to provide the right environment where they feel they can contribute without being laughed at or flamed.

    There are probably thousands of people browsing the web who are interested in learning how to be a bit more self reliant and preparing for the winter, financial problems, alternative energy etc but are put off joining prepping forums by some of the more “extreme” topics that always crop up.

    And lets face it, the prepping world in general also seems to have more than it’s fair share of egomaniacs/internet warriors/rambo’s and fruitcakes who think they know it all and spout bad science and unsubstantiated rumours all over the forums

    I don’t know what the answer is but I can understand why people dont get involved on prepping sites and forums as sometimes I feel the same way

    The above is not directed at here but at prepping sites in general and is just my opinion, YMMV

  • maddog

    i visit other sites as well as this and dont post at any of them this site is better for me all around

  • iaaems

    Apart from one or two emails that I send from time to time this is my only contribution to world wide web activity – purely and simply because it is UK based and the subject matter is very pertinent right now.
    All in all I think that you have realised a good balance with the site and the forum – I tune in most days and find it quite stimulating.

  • fred

    I would prefer more interaction although I suspect most people don’t feel comfortable enough to comment.

    There’s a double problem here. Firstly, there is a lot of pressure in RL now, as you mention and most people read via RSS. Secondly, you put such a complete picture here that it’s difficult to know what to add.

    I don’t come in all that often but when I do, there is a fair bit to read and I could comment for the sake of it or just read it. I like to read the comments too.

  • Skean Dhude

    Fair enough. I am just trying to encourage those thinking of joining in to contribute their expertise. I’m more than happy with the lurkers as I’m looking at getting more people like us with a preppers mindset prepared so we can rebuild and deal better with the raiders. That is the primary reason for these sites. In addition there are many things we just don’t know. If people participate we can find solutions. That is another of the reasons for these sites.

    I’m happy to provide these services for others myself. It repays the help I was given when I started.

  • Rob,somerset,southwest uk

    I check in to this site quite often as i do other well known sites and like you say we dont participate enough so while im here it is known to me that living in the very centre of a large town right next to all the shops that i am in no way goin to be safe from the looters and as i have nowhere to bug-out as do most of us in the uk it came to me that what if a large group of preppers were to get together at a certain location and defend and protect in numbers as they say.

  • Skean Dhude


    Welcome. We can only do what we can.Knowing the risksmeans you can mitigate them asmuch as you can.Hopefully it will be enough. All of us prepare by making certain assumptions.

    People have set up communes as you describe.Including some in the UK. You just need to find the right people and some cash. It iss easy 😉

  • Donna

    Donna in Texas again, I still enjoy the UK aspects of prepping.
    Here there seems to be uncertainty in the economic future; nothing new in that, haha, but it seems a little sharper now.

  • grumpy old man

    ah texas a wonderful part of the world famous for oil, cattle and banking who said that?
    at least you have the sun to smile about

  • Skean Dhude

    From my understanding texas is the one state that can stand on its own whilst the socialist world collapses around it. It will take out smaller states but Texas is well placed. It seems a good state to be in.

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