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How we need to prepare


Top of the food chain

After an event most of us accept that our control at the top of the food chain will be disrupted. It may be temporary and we may soon get back up, in individual cases it may not occur and in some cases we may not be able to regain our status.

The differences between those are going to be how prepared you are physically and mentally, the local predators and if you are armed or not. Weapons are going to make a big difference here and you need to bear this in mind. Nobody can phone up and get help. It is down to you and the predator and it is only through our society and technology that we are top of the food chain. It is a fragile position and we can quickly find that for a period, a short brutal and fatal period, our society or technology has left us vulnerable and we drop a few links in the chain. You read about it all the time in the news. People just recently were eaten by sharks, others by polar bears and others have died due to storms. Our position at the top is precarious.

Of course as well as what we see as natures predators we also have to deal with the most dangerous predator of all. Us. Man is currently the number one predator of man. This takes up most of the news, one man harming another in some way. Where this should be a major consideration in allowing us to defend ourselves it appears that it does the opposite. That is politicians logic for you.

After an event we have already considered local predators and have stocked up on traps, weapons and defensive capabilities. We can handle the wolves, dogs and other wild animals. We can even handle the weather and the loss of our food, water and shelter. We are fully prepared for those. You are aren’t you? They are on our lists, we have weapons that can deal with them and we should be thankful that we live in the UK where we don’t have Grizzlies, Lions, Alligators, Sharks and other major predators. We don’t have as standard tornadoes, tsunamis and earthquakes either so we really are lucky.

What we do have though, and plenty of, are human predators. Some are obviously predators and will come up against your defences. Just hope that you are armed enough. There are others though who are not so obvious. Those that will kidnap your children during the disruption of an event, those that will infiltrate your security and home and kill you in your sleep. They will disarm you with guile and lies and you will be defenceless against them. If you don’t think you will fall for lies and deceit just look around and see what is going on today as we are being screwed over by politicians.

You need to prepare but there are some things that you just cannot fully prepare for. Liars and con men are one of those. You can only be aware. Phase your acceptance of people until they prove themselves. Even then be careful how much access they have and remember OPSEC. It is need to know and being careful that will serve you best here. Real people will understand. Predators cannot afford to wait as they cannot hide their true identies long.

One thing I am always accused of is that I am not very forgiving. I’m friendly enough but I only get screwed once. I rarely forgive people screwing with me but I never forget. They only get one chance. I will be honest with everyone and if they are honest in their dealings with me then I can forgive mistakes but never something deliberate.

After a few years this issue will almost disappear and it will be less dangerous. Everyone will know who is trustworthy and who is not. In the olden days people’s integrity was known for miles. So all you will have to worry about is those who are wandering. They should be few and far between.

Keep your friends close and kill your enemies, or at least keep clear of them if they don’t deserve killing.

7 comments to Top of the food chain

  • half

    Plenty of wild critters in zoos that we might have to worry about, like the recent case in Ohio.

  • Kenneth Eames

    As for all of your posts, LOTS OF WISDOM HERE, a lot to think about. I spend a great deal of time cogitating upon this site. There is much information and wisdom here. Now there is the UK preppers as well. Much excellent material there as well. All suitable for the UK. Kenneth Eames.

  • Skean Dhude


    Although you are correct they are few and far between and won’t be a big issue unless you live close to a zoo. I doubt they will be released.

    On the plus side there are plenty of tasty animals in there.


    We try. The more information you have the better you can prepare. Your contributions are appreciated as well. Between us we can cover everything we need, some more than others but at least we can cover them a little.

  • PEACE ^_^

    Its the Government and there advanced technology that worries me, smart dust, satellites, inferred, guns, drones, chemtrails the list goes i know you cannot prepare for every scenario, this why i put my trust in YHWH God. thanks for all that you do very informative. blessings

  • mike

    Ahhhh.. skean dhude…It’s nice to find a like minded soul.
    leaderless societies or such would be preferable where everyone pulls their own weight and does whats required to get the job done, whatever that may be and where nobody steals etc…
    But therin lies the rub, humans are inherantly lazy, not everone may I say but most,look at the people around you when your out and about. A lot of sites recomend growing your own food in your back garden, great until the unprepared spot it and steal it all away in the night,that is unless you do armed patrols and are prepared to kill to protect your food supplies. I think a broad head arrow throug

  • mike

    sorry the pc posted without my imput… its quirky…
    anyway as I was saying, a broadhead arrow through the chest would put most folks off nicking your spuds… but I dont think many people are prepared for how quickly the civilised veneer would be stripped away from the unprepared, seeing you looking after your family whilst theirs is starving… fights to the death etc…
    just look at how many people are in the uk, how many do you think are preppers, how many unprepared sheeple? lazily, greedily thinking about how they’ll steal what the need if it goes bad.

  • Skean Dhude


    Welcome. As you will see that is one of the issues we discuss at this site. If an event occurs it will not be good. That much is certain.

    Your statement is exactly why socialism has never and never will work.

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