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Couple of nuggets of information I’ve gathered that I’m passing on. Might be interesting, may not, depending on your interest.

I’m doing better than I though without broadband so I’m going to keep going as I am on the site. I have been asked to develop a database as well over the next few weeks so that will reduce the number of posts I can do as well. I want to thank those that have contributed articles to keep the site going.

I’ve changed the sign up procedure for the forum. Registering on it doesn’t do anything and you now need to register via email. A manual step for me but will be a big time saver. Blame the spammers and if you know a spammer give them a good kicking for me. Video it, hide your faces, 🙂 and you could make a fortune. Anyway to register for the forum send me an email by the Survival UK contact form. It won’t be instant but I’ll do them as soon as I see them. Sorry for the inconvenience. In addition I am going through every user and deleting any that look like spammers. How I will do this is to look at every user with zero posts and check their names, if it looks like goobledegook then they will be deleted, if they have a signature with a URL or a website URL that looks commercial then they will get deleted. If you get deleted just sign up again. I won’t need to do this again. Only a few hundred to check. 🙁

As we know the EU has now flexed its muscles and put in bureaucrats to replace elected heads of state in Greece and Italy looks like it is going the same way. So watch this space. Cameron fiddles with his pet subjects while the UK continues to fall apart. Even the TV shows are talking about the economy, jobs and debts, as well as the England Captain. It’s pathetic really. Just keep preparing and try not to listen too much it’s depressing.

Is this the future of private transport? As we get hit with more taxes designed to squeeze every penny from us we find a mode of transport that politicians can use for free. The Sewage powered Motorbike. Beyond Thunderdome starts to become real life. Two men enter, one man leaves.

While we talk about that this must be taking the piss. Urine power cells. Power to the pee.. err… people. Something not right there but that would be interesting. Run in parallel with wind power, sorry sewage power and we have both… Oh forget it.

While I’ve been on the broadband the TV has been on and I’ve picked up snippets by osmosis or something. From what I can see from daytime TV we as a UK society are doomed. People, even close family, are screwing themselves over the most trivial stuff. Now the people I know are not like that so I’m guessing it is the sort of mind that when they hear the phrase ‘Dwayne, I have something to tell you shall we go on Jerry Springer?’ doesn’t think,’Oh Oh. I’ll kill Chantelle now’ but instead thinks ‘I’ll be famous’. They are, but never in a good way. I’d be very unhappy next to these people in an estate but happy if they were across town. They wouldn’t be able to feed themselves without a Noddy instruction manual. The younger version. It made me think and thus I’m stocking up with more shotgun ammo in lieu of my suppressed pistol.

9 comments to Nuggets

  • Kenneth Eames

    Thank you for this Skean. The nation as I knew it has virtually disappeared. It’s a completely different world to when I was a boy. I’ve seen great changes in my life and the nation has slithered into decadence. People have hunkered after Dubious pleasures and many live in a twilight world, not fully understanding the true values of life. Many take a delight in spoiling the life of others (e.g. spammers etc..) However, we are now being forced out of society. Kenneth Eames.

  • iaaems

    Before my time but I suppose you could draw a parallel right now with the 1930’s and there was a depressive event then. Also recall from school something about ‘Nero fiddling while Rome burned’. There seems to be a repetition here – do we ever learn from the mistakes? It would appear that we are prone to listen to the sales pitch ‘it is different this time’, and happily carry on oblivious to the signs.
    Yes there has been a huge slide into a decadent way of life not just here but in most of the Western World. Collectively I am not sure what we can do about it – on a personal level I am just going to be prepared.

  • northern raider

    Our only option as preppers is to focus on making us as least vulnerable to the effects of mainstream society as possible as it unravels. We need to ensure we can survive “Off-Grid” for as long as we possibly can. caches, stockpiles, keeping animals, growing veg, auxiliary heating, cooking, lighting and water supplies etc. The west especially Britain is now paying the price for letting 99% of our domestic manufacturing base die.

  • Skean Dhude

    It’s the socialist mindset. It failed last time because the people running it didn’t do it hard enough, I’ll do it different and we fall for it every time. We as a species really are stupid.

    It’ll fall apart as it always does the only question will be how the government handles it. Iron fist or velver glove and we can see by the legislation coming out now that the velver glove has been eaten by moths, it’s not been used for so long.

  • Kenneth Eames

    I know I should not say this but we need an Adolf Hitler here. Not literally, but someone to get rid of all the drones in our society. He put them in concentration camps and made them work. The socialists had a hard time of it. We have the chance to build a New Britain if we change the existing Political Parties. Start with UKIP to get us out of Europe and then see how they do with the economy and go from there. Perhaps from this a true Statesman might emerge and Britain might have a revival. Kenneth Eames.

  • Skean Dhude


    Be very careful what you wish for. We need someone strong I agree but history shows that when someone like that takes over it doesn’t end well. I’ll be happy with the current bunch of politicians strung upon piano wire the system we have modified with protections but with no real dictator in place. We can get a new bunch of politicians under the new rules.

  • grumpy old man

    we should nwever allow any one like hilter to ever get it to power to pray on the weak or the poor to get power the destroy everone intolarence to any man woman or child can not be alowed any time for any reason in hard times we need to watch out for false people who say they help us when really it’s them self ?????????

  • northern raider

    I disagree Kenneth is not another Hitler we need we had something nearly as bad as him with Blair the traitor and war criminal. I think we need another Lord Protector like Oliver Cromwell.

  • Skean Dhude


    If only there was someone like him now. As said before since Maggie and Ronnie, the targets of Spitting Image for years and still being blamed for everything now, there is no one with the interests of the British people at heart.

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