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How we need to prepare


Rich Man Poor Man

Where you are in society makes a big difference to how prepared you are. Even though you may not actually be preparing if you work on a farm you are in a better situation than someone who works in a factory. You are already close to living the life after an event. That much is clearly obvious but what many do not appreciate is that in the same way poor people are in a better situation than rich people. You see they are already used to making the most of what meagre supplies they have. They are used to eating cheaply and making do with what is available. No meals out at expensive restaurants every evening for them.

Sadly although this equates to the right mindset it actually means that you are not in the best situation financially which is a bit of an issue. You may know what you need to buy but don’t have the cash. I bet most of us are in that situation. We know what we want and we are putting it away for our preparations. It may not be as fast as we would like but we are getting there and just so we are clear with the experience you have any preparations we have are a bonus. You are already in a better situation than most people without any stores and every item you put away improves your odds a little bit more.

Rich people tend to concentrate on their financial strength. They buy all the best gear, food and equipment. They buy a large piece of land and the best livestock. If something doesn’t fit they get someone to make it fit by building new units or buying new fittings. No problem cannot be solved with the application of money whilst they still live the high life. This is where I was a few years ago. It is why I have so much non perishable gear and some obscure expensive items.

Poor people concentrate on their strengths as well, they make the most of their money and improvise where things don’t fit. They make do with a small garden or a few pots and they may have a few chickens where they can and all with homemade equipment and a million tins of beans bought at a discount store.

If you live on a farm you are already aware of how food grows, how animals and humans mix and how best to make the most of them. Some farms are bigger than others though and may be specialist farms, by specialist I mean concentrate on dairy cows or sheep for wool. Some may even also just look after horses. These may not have the breath of expertise that a small holder has and may be at a disadvantage after an event. It takes a lot of resources to look after a herd of cows.

After an event the rich will move into their new retreat and what a culture shock that will be. How will they pay their servants, if they retain them, how will they like their move over to grain from prime beef, salmon with all the trimmings. Perfectly cooked and finished off with a nice filling roulade.

The poor will find little change, sure, they will be missing some things but that already happens when the TV tax is due or the washing machine breaks down. Not a big deal to them. They adapt, tighten their belts for a few days and get on with it.

In my option the poor will do much better after an event. Their main issue for them is going to be location. Many are in the centre of cities and that is a big issue for anyone.

Living the rich life is good for now but doesn’t prepare you and being poor may prepare you but is not a good life to lead now. Having a big farm is hard work and will prepare you in most ways will only partially prepares you as you will not be running on negligible funds. Personally, I would prefer to have a small holding outside town with a variety of small animals and my stores. Living off the land and yet still living a good life. Perhaps not a high life but a good one. If you have more money they you can use it to make life easier. This is what I am aiming for.

I’m looking at finding a small place with room for a few small animals, room for crops and living space.

6 comments to Rich Man Poor Man

  • northern raider

    Cheapest housing with loads of space is supposed to be Co Durham, Now who do I know who lives there? Oh Yes ME 🙂

    I may not have any money but I’m rich in so many other ways, good environment, clean air, low crime, room to raise a family and of course both my wife and my son are healthy, I’m rich even if I’ve no dosh.

  • grumpy old man

    many people do not know when they are better off
    having you and your familys heath will always make you richer

  • Kenneth Eames

    All you say is true. I am building my stocks of food and other requirements. With regard to medication, I have almost £10,000 of Herbal and Homoeopathic medicines and First Aid, and other medical equipment. I am now concentrating on food and seed. It’s all progressing. I’ve still a long way to go to have two years of food in hand and other necessities. Although progress is slow I am pleased with how things are going. I also have a workshop and a lot of tools, although I need to add more. I think I am better off than most preppers. Kenneth Eames.

  • Kenneth Eames

    I would like to add that my wife and I only have our pensions so prepping is very slow. We have to be canny for with prices increasing, what we can put away is becoming less. If food continues to rise, we may be forced to break in to the stash. We hope and pray this doesn’t happen. With what we have we will still be short of many things if a situation arises. Ken Eames.

    • Lincolnoldie

      Kenneth – Beat me to it on the “retired” front but my sentiments are much the same, poor = pensioned in my opinion or is it too simplistic?

      • Skean Dhude


        It is a good way to look at it but the only difference, and a big one, is the poor usually have to sign on or are working for peanuts. They can’t just up sticks and disappear.

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