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What would you miss most?

Everyone in the West still lives a higher standard of living than we would if an event occured and I was wondering what I would miss most if there was an event and we were forced to live a more frugal lifestyle.

First of all I was thinking of things we do every day and what would I miss from that. Outside my primary objective of family of course.

I didn’t come up with much to be honest. I don’t watch TV although I do play on the computer, Duh! Yet, I wouldn’t miss it that much as I don’t when I stop using it. Although so far I’ll put that as No 1.

Then I thought about the things I do occasionally. What do I do on a semi regular basis. When it tends to be food related, I’ll have an occasional meal and go out. I can still do that but it won’t be quite as fancy as a restaurant. Computer still No 1 though.

So it’s down to things I do yearly, like birthdays, Christmas and Holidays. Well, birthdays are like other days and being older I don’t get much in the way of presents, get a good meal though, Christmas is pretty much the same and holidays are just days off work where I don’t work for someone else but slave around the house but I get a lie in if I want. Computer still No 1 though.

So it’s down to things I do very infrequently, visiting relatives, going away to places. I think I could miss not going away to see the sights in a remote town. I get bored of that but I think I would miss my relatives. Not being able to see friends and relatives that are just too far away. I would get used to it and eventually I would forget but why should I have to?

Now I have thought about it I can make arrangements with them, I can make sure that we are set up and I can buy what I need now. Looking at options which are radio based. Now if I make it computer controlled and solar powered I’m a winner all around. The rest I would miss but can live with as I can accept it.

What would you miss the most?

18 comments to What would you miss most?

  • Northern Raider

    Music, it would be nice music I missed most. But it would be nicely complimented if the fall of society coincided with the entire south east being wiped off the earth !! 🙂

  • Northern Raider

    I’ll say this I would not miss the bloody internet, its far to distracting and its far to easy for me to go online rather and go and see a feloow prepper. I’ve definately spent to much time in recent years trying to build up a working community of preppers linked by the net, but apart from making a few friends its been a bloody distraction and trouble.

  • fred

    I’d miss sailing but I suppose that’s not a prepper thing to say.

  • mike

    The internet porn…

  • grumpy old man

    knowing thiers doctors and the like to treat us when we are ill other than that i would enjoy knowing most of the sheeple have gone and the stress of socioty

  • moosedog

    I’d miss my gas central heating. I have a Frontier Stove in my emergency kit which could be used in the house or on the move but having had a wood burning stove for 5 years on the boat I know its limitations. For me just flicking a switch for instant heat is the height of luxury and I’d hate to lose it.

  • Northern Raider

    I have to admit I like hot water, and thrive in winter on a piping hot bath, I guess i would put a huge amount of effort into building an improvised hot water heater 🙂

  • Ellen

    Electricity to the kitchen and the keeping the refrigerator and freezer running. I would be one happy camper if I had that. Will be sorely missed.
    Wouldn’t hurt to have natural gas still going. Cooking sure would be easier.
    Then I guess I would miss the blasted news, internet, BBQ potato chips, ice cream, bologna, and the grocery store. Ah, heck lets face it going to miss a lot of the creature comforts. We are spoiled.
    And lets not forget the ol’ toilet. One handy gadget if you ask me.

  • Northern Raider

    I keep missing Tony Blair and George Bush……………….. But my aim is improving !!!!! 🙂

  • Skean Dhude

    Well that was interesting. Now of course you know what you will work on when your base preps are sorted.

  • mike

    yep I’ll have a pole set up in my bol and I’ll just rescue lap dancers…

  • Silent Storm

    It makes me sound like a girl but I’d really miss Chocolate and Wine


    I do a lot of hunting, and go through a lot of bullets so I would miss that, due to not being able to buy new rounds, although if the SHTF I would stock up (not allowed to now)as I am sure I would be doing a lot of ‘Hunting’ of some sort in the future.

  • iaaems

    Generally I would miss the ‘convenience’ of it all. Yes I know it all costs but we all pay the price for what we do/want/need whether it is in money terms or another way.

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