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Site Stats

Just looked at the site statistics for the past year. I’m more than happy with them.

Each hit is one page load and users are unique, well as unique as you can tell from anonymous users. The first thing I noticed from the data was the steady growth throughout the year and a big leap when the forum went in followed by the same steady growth. The leap was due to the way that a forum works with users revisiting threads so a big leap is expected. With the main site you get one hit and then a hit for every page they visit. With the forum you get a hit every time they refresh to read a thread even if there is no new comments.

So currently, as of December, I have 400+ visitors visiting every day. 120+ visitors visit the forums, which actually gives larger page hits, and not all of them are the same people. Some people just visit the main site while others just visit the forum but most people hit the main site once and then the forums. There are also 250+ people that read the main site by RSS reader.

We have 60+ users who have signed up for the Contact Database. 80+ who have signed up for the forum with 10+ very active users on there. The main site has approx the same active commenters.

The site gets 40% of it’s visitors from the US, 30% from the UK and the rest from around the world. Interestingly enough it gets 15% from China. I don’t know what to make from that.

The most popular browser is Fiefox at 49% with Internet Exploder next at 35%. The popular OS with 90% using a flavour of Window, Linux is at 5% and MacOS at 4%.

There have been quite a few guest posts by various people that have been very informative and appreciative and hopefully this will continue through this year. For one thing it gives different viewpoints and some of those have been very interesting. The made up scenarios have been pretty eye opening and have provoked some interesting discussions.

Here is hoping things continue getting better in this new year.

8 comments to Site Stats

  • mike

    wow look at you, you statasticion you….

  • Kenneth Eames

    SD, A woderful response. Good Luck for 2012. I would say it’s a very successful performance for a site that is only six months old. Your forum is only five months old and it’s an excellent response for that. Kenneth Eames.

  • iaaems

    Acorns to oaks…?

    Very encouraging and well done.

  • Lincolnoldie

    Clearly meeting a need. The US stat is interesting. I would have thought they have enough home grown material to satisfy but…?
    Anyway we need to keep it up. Thanks SD!

  • Northern Raider

    Delighted to see the steady growth, to me it shows you have the mix just about right, and I genuinely hope the forum grows to be the biggest and best British forum,Its well led and little moderated and theres no cliques or ruling elites. Well done SD.
    (please send the cheque to…..)

  • Skean Dhude

    Ken, Nearly a year now. Not 6 months.

    Thanks for the feedback from you all. It is appreciated but bear in mind it is all you where are commenting and joining in who make it so. So thank you.

  • Kenneth Eames

    May be that some of the Chinese visitors can write some articles on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture and herbal medicine from the Far East is very interesting. Kenneth Eames.

  • Superb site. I wish i’d found it long ago, rather than making do with U S sites, although they did have some good ideas, it’s nice to have our own home grown one that conforms to this country. Thanks K

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