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Thinking Ahead – 12

The next in the series to make you think about things up front. Each of you will answer differently and you will all be right, or maybe wrong. It isn’t a sure thing with definitive Yes/No answers. There are no rights and wrongs only something to consider and plan for.

Well the German supervolcano blew in late January and it was devastating. Despite the predictions it took most of Europe with it and almost the 96% of England is covered in ash and hot coals. Breathing was difficult and most perished in the week after the event.

Many preppers had evacuated in advance, or at the first sign of trouble, to the remote outreaches of the UK. Lands End, Angelsey and most of the North of Scotland were minimally effected. Most people, preppers included had arrived without most of their supplies due to the haste they had to leave their homes and even their BOLs. What was considered a safe retreat, set up to be off grid and self reliant was unlivable. People ran for their lives from the hot coals and the toxic air.

This meant that there were thousand of people at remote locations with very few of them having any preps at all, preppers having several weeks worth and fully intending to go home when the ash settled. Estimates were up to six months for 50% of England with a max of a year for the rest of it.

So there you are, one of the few who actually has a BOL in a safe area, you are in Angelsey, and all of a sudden you are overwhelmed with refugees. You know you can’t make it on your own so you team up with people that you know and have conversed with on Forums like this and you have managed to survive the storm. Mainly due to the fact that the preppers all brought their weapons and ammunition. Many refugees died in the struggle or from exposure.

Here we are now several weeks later. The area is safe but almost everyone is running out of food, you estimate a few weeks at the most. The ash and coals has stopped falling and the area is now ready to be planted. Luckily the event happened prior to the growing season the growing season has not been impacted. In fact the ash and coals have made the soil extra fertile and thus you are expecting a good harvest. The only problem is that your entire supplies are not going to last till the refugees can go home. You have a meeting to discuss and it is clear that you cannot continue as you planned initially. You will not have enough food.

What are you going to do?

6 comments to Thinking Ahead – 12

  • Northern Raider

    Sorry my plans for that contingency involve an already identified small fishing boat and a mutual support agreement if I can pull it off.|:)

  • mike

    Well well well hmmmm no thats a tricky one.
    Now there are multiple ways to address this issue…
    1)You could ask for volunteers to leave.
    2)You could evict the elderly, infirm and weak, dying etc.
    3)you could feed the kids and younger ones because they’ve a better chance.
    4)you can regroup the prepper group and move on.
    5)supliment your food stocks with bugs, grubs and worms etc.
    I’m sure theres much more I’ve not thought of though…

  • Northern Raider

    Basically if you want to live and equally you want your loved one to live then you have to harden your heart and drive the sheeple away, no matter how sad and pitiful, The doe eyed exhausted children that are going to get fed are going to be OURS, and any parent in the prepper community knows EXACTLY how powerful that point I am making is.

  • Silent Storm

    Mike has the right idea, I’d go for his number two option, it’s the most logical

  • grumpy old man

    safe guard what we have and if you not in the group the tough
    we have weapons and charity begins at home?

  • Lightspeed

    I’m with Northern Raider on this.

    Look after our own first and hard nosed what’s in it for my group decision on anyone else to be allowed in.

    I will do do everything possible to ensure the survival of my own group, and only when that is assured will I extend charity.

    This will certainly be easier said than done. Pre-scripting the scenario will take some of the emotion out of what will be unpleasant decisions.

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