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Wheelie Bins

Our local council is replacing all the wheelie bins with new ones as part of a new recycling initiative. They want to change the colours and redefine the contents to meet a new council directive. What a waste of money.

On the positive side this should free up a few wheelie bins which I find are very useful storage containers and will try and I’ll try and acquire some more. You should too.

Wheelie bins are waterproof, sturdy and very versatile. They are available in different sizes as well which is handy.

  • They can be used to hold water, like a water butt
  • They can store dry food like grain
  • They can store electronic equipment, in EMP proof boxes or wrapping
  • They can store clothes
  • They can store tools
  • You can use them as composters
  • You can use them as toilets
  • You can use them as fish tanks
  • Use them as barriers, fill with concrete and block alleys, doors, entry points, take the wheels off when in position

Most of these uses only require a few siimple modifications and as they are on wheels they can be transported easily. A row of bins does not look suspicious either.

They also make good containers for burying your gear in and storing in caches. Dig a hole for the wheely bin and make sure the lid is at least a foot below the surface. Fill and pack the sides up to half way to ensure the wheely bin is stable and then fill as necessary. It ain’t EMP proof so if you need that put them in EMP shielding before putting in the bin. In addition put the metal stuff, tins, guns, ammo at the bottom to avoid metal detectors and put water, grain, plastic stuff in the top half of the wheely bin. Put in some filling to obsorb moisture. When full, close the lid and put a reasonable plastic sheet over the top, not really thin stuff, as a hood and make sure it goes down to at least half way. Fill with soil and then plant something on top. You could fill your garden with these for a massive cache. Just make sure you are not seen when you do this. Erect a cover whilst you do it and do it when the neighbours are not around. When you want the goods you did down to the lid, cut the sheet and open the top. No heavy lifting, no digging for hours when you need something urgently.

You can also use them as sentry points. It isn’t ideal and there are better solutions but you can put a couple together end to end, you can bury them and use them as pop up hidey holes. Use with a periscope or with a watcher. Climb in and pop up when suitable. You are a small target while they are full size. Alternatively, put on their side in bushes, or the side of hills, cover and disguise the lid. Fill with blankets and climb in feet first. You can watch from within with a small hole and you could even shoot from there if necessary. Obviously both of these need time to put in place but when in place can very quickly be utilised.

It is also possible to buy industrial bins which are large and can be metal. These may be more suited for storing items in a warehouse or where you are unlikely to be searched by scavengers but for most of us the normal plastic bins used for recycling are more than suitable and small enough to hide or bury.

Bear in mind there will be millions of them lying around after an event and the more uses you can think of the better. The burying part will be the hardest but if you can get those tasks done before the event then you have the benefit of power tools and hired labour. Just don’t tell them what it is for.

7 comments to Wheelie Bins

  • mike

    I like the sentry post suggestion and the fill with concrete barrier as well, that’ll come in very handy if I have to bug in, to protect the front of the house etc from car intrusion. It’d actualy be quite funny to see a car power towards it thinking it was a simple wheely bin, then boom insta stop!!
    Bit too small for me as I’m 6 foot for a sentry post underground, I’d have to glue two together lenghways!!
    The industrial ones would make a good snug ops post though…

  • Northern Raider

    I like the pseudo bollard idea for wheely bins, you can also use them as wormeries and oddly enough as rubbish bins. I have a smaller one I obtained that is now used to hold spare potting compost in and my Bro in law keeps his spare climbing ropes in. Oh yes one guy in our village uses his round bin as a cement mixer.

  • Luddite

    I don’t want to rain on your parade guys, but your average wheelie bin is not food grade and may well be toxic, so it’s not a good idea to store grain, water etc without a food-grade liner.

    I’ve got a spare one I store bleach in.

  • Skean Dhude


    Good point. I wasn’t suggesting that anyone puts food into the bins without a liner but you are right to point it out. I’ll amend the article.


    It won’t be quite an insta stop but it will be a stop and a big shock.


    On the forum you mention uses are fougasses and mushroom growers. How would I set these up? I’d be loath to put a ton of powder in a wheelie bin and every mushroom hrowing excercise I have ends up as compost.

  • Preacher

    100% of plastics put in “recycle” bins in most areas is shredded and sent straight to landfill because re-cyclable and non-recyclable plastics can only be properly sorted by trained people.

    This would mean people like the “Mountain” and “mid UK recycling” family, who pretend to be “contributing to more efficient use of resources” and control huge amounts of waste for local authority purposes wouldn’t be making such enormous profits….

    Also… Because Our local recycling service is unwilling to increase their capacity to cover the waste put in recycling bins, the local authority is to change the rules so that residents can choose whether they use the recycling bin, or just use the “landfill” bin…..

  • Skean Dhude

    What a shocker. The recycling scam is just another excuse to control and tax us.

  • Skean Dhude



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