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Beware of heavy winds

I may be teaching my grandmother, rest her soul, to suck eggs but in my personal experience every time there is several days of strong winds houses, sheds and garages lose their roofs.

The last big wind a few years ago found a single weak spot in my garage roof, a single point that was not as secure as the rest and it lifted that sheet and then blew the rest of the roof off when it could enter and raise the pressure inside.

Today I walked back and discovered a loose tile on the house roof. I’m not making that mistake again so sent the kids up to fix it. It was much to dangerous for oldies like me.

Learn from others experiences and make sure your roof is secure. In this weather a hole in the roof can ruin a lot of your stores and cause significant damage.

5 comments to Beware of heavy winds

  • mike

    Thats what kids are for … damn doogooders all our kids could be in mills earning a good wage….Put em in the fields, scare the birds away, climbing up chimneys etc…

  • grumpy old man

    my two oldest age 14 and 8 do earn but or just as keen on keeping the money than making it lol.

  • Northern Raider

    How many kids did it take to fill the hole, how long will they be up there before you put new tiles over the hole they are blocking?

  • Skean Dhude

    They have sleeping bags and a kettle on a extension lead. They are always telling me how they don’t mind the cold so will be fine. They can have a shower when it is fixed at the weekend.

  • mike

    And your quids in if it rains before then, because then they dont need a shower coz they’ve already had one…
    saves on the leccy bill.

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