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A Family of Preppers

One of my relatives called in today on his way down south on their way to France. I had not seen him nor his family for a very long time and boy had he changed. Nice posh car, big tum, no hair and no children. The children had fled the nest many years ago and it was just them. The journey was to visit one of them in France.

We were talking about things in general and got on to the subject of the civil unrest. It seems he had not forgotten our survival concerns and has in fact been prepping for the last few years after a gap, similar to myself. Our whole side of the family has always been into self sufficiency and it was only us moving away that removed us from that family group. A main difference is that they have bought a smallholding in France as their retirement home and retreat and have stocked it with it’s own wine lake. They have been moving all their supplies across there for the last few months and have almost finished. They have their own stream and several acres of vines and trees.

When I was a kid this was the guy who let me ride his motorbike and drive his car. I was into shooting and enjoying myself while he was more into schooling although he did enjoy blowing holes in things. He has several qualifications in legal areas and had his own practice. He is quite a few years older than me but has decided to escape the rat race and retire early.

I explained my situation and we spent the rest of the time reminiscing about what we had done over the last few years. Things have changed since we started looking at prepping and the same techniques and supplies is now not accepted as being the right thing to do. Survive maybe, but we now accept that there is more than just basic survival.

One thing we identified straight away is he doesn’t have enough of the basics. Water and food, he has more than enough land and it’s out in the wilds so there is plenty of wildlife there. He also has a diesel backup generator while he has a large stream running through the garden. Sounds ideal for a hydro plant and a fish farm. It sounds like he has the opportunity to make a bunker as well, some WWII relic, is on the property. He also has not thought out his communications. He will be close to one of his children but not the other who is in Kent.

Anyway, I’ve been invited over to his new home with a view that I will give him advice on how to secure it and his daughters place, give my view on their preps and he will let me shoot things and feed me. Funnily enough he knows there is game but has no idea what there is. He knows I don’t think cheese counts so there must be something else.

I was thinking though, last time I was in France there were several things you could purchase that you can’t buy here. I’ll have to find out what there is and get some in when I am there. Both countries being in the EU must mean that it is OK with all that cross border stuff right?

It made me think though. He has plenty of cash compared to us and has been prepping for several years but many of us are better prepared at this moment in time. If it happens now he will in trouble after a few months if it is at the wrong time of year. He however has the cash and will to fix that though so I expect it won’t be an issue for long.

I’ve pointed him to this site. If you are reading then let us know.

10 comments to A Family of Preppers


    Sorry S D I used to Drive Long Distance abroad most of Europe, in France you can walk into a Gun Shop and buy Black Powder pistols no problem (no licence required)but if you were to bring one into this country you would be SHAFTED big style as it’s a class 2 prohibited weapon. This is England, you are not allowed to protect yourself here.

  • grumpy old man

    one of my pals had a business in france the guns they kept in the office was unreal his home was in kent but travelled every day back and forth ???
    luck for some

  • Kenneth Eames

    I have a nephew in France who has a Smallholding. His circumstances are similar to your relative SD. Although, from the sound of it, my nephew’s place is probably smaller than that of your relative. I haven’t visited my relatives place although I have been invited. Maybe one day although I am loath to travel long distances these days. Kenneth Eames.

  • moosedog

    There are a variety of items available in Europe that are unavailable to us in the UK. As well as certain firearms they have access to impact weapons such as knuckle dusters & expandable batons, incapacitating weapons like pepper spray & stun guns, bladed items like flick knives. Getting caught with any of these in the UK is a serious offence. Being caught bringing them into the UK (importing a prohibited weapon) is guaranteed to see you in prison for a long time. Tempting as it may seem to try, the consequences really aren’t worth the risk.

  • fred

    Anyway, I’ve been invited over to his new home with a view that I will give him advice on how to secure it and his daughters place

    I can imagine you going over there and doing that [maybe getting in a bit of shooting while you’re there]. Nice.

  • Northern Raider

    I think the French can ( or used to be allowed to) own non military calibre fire arms, only ever come across one family of French preppers, they lived in St Etienne where ever that is.

  • mike

    If your bringing anything back you shouldnt pop your spare tyre off one side of the rim easily done after deflating it, then store your goods inside and then reinflate at a garsge and bobs your uncle….

  • Skean Dhude

    I was being sarcastic about legality in the EU.

    It is only open borders and standardisation when it suits them. I won’t risk smuggling anything myself. Best let white van man handle it.

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