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Don’t get fixated

A comment on the forum about NBC kit made me realise that I was breaking one of my rules. The rule about getting fixated on one issue and ignoring the others.

There are several issues that we think may be an event. Economic collapse seems to be top of the pile because of the current worldwide economic climate but because something else is Number 1 at the moment does not reduce some of the other risks we consider such as a Nuclear attack, a volcano erupting or a earthquake. We have already seen several natural disasters in the last few years and they still need to be prepared for.

The only time we seem to consider nuclear lately is when we are looking at protecting our electronic kit from an EMP.

We should consider our preps in such a way that we build up the stores that will be of general help but we must always remember that each scenario has certain key items we need to purchase. A NBC attack is one that needs a significant amount of equipment that is of little use outside such an attack but is critical if one occurs.

So just take a short while to look at what you are doing. Consider the other risks and what you already have in place.

The primary objective is for you and yours to stay alive. This must include looking at the other risks that can impact on our objective. See the situation and risk lists on the main site for some ideas if you have not thought of this before.

Don’t get fixated on one thing. Your survival is based on everything being covered to an extent.

2 comments to Don’t get fixated

  • Northern Raider

    Dont think a nuke per se is a problem as in a thermo nuclear explosion, but I do fear a terrorist setting off a dirty bomb IE a load of ordinary high explsives laced with radioactive material. such a device may not be glamorous but it could leave a city uninhabitable for decades.

  • Skean Dhude

    If it is home made one or a military one the aftermath is the same just less of.

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