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How we need to prepare


What if it is a short event?

I was going to do an article on gold and silver but it seems to have been preempted by the forum. Pity.

So todays article is about a question I was asked a few days ago about what I would do if plod came along after a small event and wanted to know how the bodies lying around my house seemed to be full of so many bullet holes. I thought he was joking at first but he wasn’t so I told him this;

There are two aspects to this;

  • There is an event which looks real but is in fact quickly resolved
  • That I have an itchy trigger finger

So lets take the event first.

There are few events that could be mistaken for a full event. There should always be a some warning of what is going on up until it happens then there should be a radio signal or something with reports about what is going on. Even if it is transmissions from foreign countries, We would be aware that something isn’t right and not left in total darkness. Even an EMP would not last for weeks. Radio signals would get through, people would come home, etc. So people would be aware of what was going on. Now if shops were empty and nothing was coming in and there was no comms then you would start to get concerned but not straight away. So this gives us a window of several days before people start to panic. I’ll be using this window to buy that Mac 11 and suppressor I’ve always wanted but our namby pamby government doesn’t let me have. I’ll then be retiring to hide in my home and encourage my neighbours to go to the rescue centre at the RAF base up the road.
I enpect that if order is soon restored then I’ll not have had the opportunity to do anything anyway because people won’t be panicking in the first few days and nobody knows that I have any preps and I’ll be there so I doubt I’ll be targeted.

If it lasts enough for supplies to dry up and no news then I can’t see Plod or anyone investigating anything. Maybe summary justice if they find someone who is clearly responsible but if not I believe there will be no investigation nor justice sought.

The second part next.

I’m not a killer. I don’t want to be nor do I see myself being one. I wouldn’t have the balls for it. I’m soft hearted and my conscience would nag me. However, I know that would change if my family is threatened.

Only two people near me know anything about my preps and my weapons. Everything I have is legal, or probably not now but that is because the law changes so much with stupid rules, but I don’t expect anyone targeting me for my supplies. So, I’m not going to draw attention to myself by taking pot shots at everyone who looks in my general direction. I’m going to be staying low. If I get ordinary visitors or people just trying to find out what is going on then I have no interest if giving them lead injections. I will talk to them. if they get rowdy then so will I but I will only respond with force when it is used against me first. So if they don’t I have no interest or willingness to start it. I’ll get my Mac 11 so if I do get armed visitors, which in my neighbourhood I doubt, then they will quietly be dealt with if I can. All of them, no prisons mean no prisoners and I won’t be doing a Tony Martin and leaving witnesses alive. His one mistake was to expect help from the law once he had the situation under control.

At which point I’m going to dump the bodies a few streets away under cover of night anyway so they won’t be outside my house anyway.

If society comes back online and Plod come around by then I’ll have put the Mac 11 somewhere else that is safe and not linked to me. Perhaps in one of our informant neighbours sheds or something. Plod don’t do much detective work now so they probably won’t have the time or expertese to do anything about it. I have no intention of putting myself in a situation where I am justifying myself after an event when they may not even listen to any mitigation. When the government comes back there will be a lot of summary justice. Summary justice meaning no justice just state force.

So, although I think we may have fase alarms I don’t see it getting too bad and it will be the best opportunity we have for getting even with people. My shit list is so big I’m going to need at least a week. Finally, I certainly won’t have bodies just lying around. They will start to smell for one thing.

2 comments to What if it is a short event?

  • Ellen

    Well if it is short, which means what?
    I don’t think that several months would suffice for any wild west behavior.
    Several years will just be long enough to keep us busy trying to deal with what should be everyday things.
    But still in that time we will probably end up having to contend with this prospect.
    More than 5 years you maybe in the clear.
    I wouldn’t plan on retribution, let the puppies suffer in their own stew. Only use if they become a problem.
    Yeah, explaining yourself, when the authorities should KNOW that is was self defense is a very irksome thought.
    And what is worse is in that time the PLOD as you call it will have done things in the name of the law that they will never be asked about.

  • Skean Dhude


    Many of us here are prepared for an event and when it happens we will swing into action. My article was basically about being careful because you may decide to secure the area by doing something drastic and then discover it is a localised short term issue and you have to justify your decisions.

    I don’t agree with you about if the situation goes on for a few months and beyond. If it is more than a fortnight with no contact it will be difficult to get to the bottom of anything.

    Just being careful.

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