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How we need to prepare


What if it is a short event?

I was going to do an article on gold and silver but it seems to have been preempted by the forum. Pity.

So todays article is about a question I was asked a few days ago about what I would do if plod came along after a small event and wanted to know how the […]

Are we there yet?

One thing that comes up time and time again is the questions about how much to store? I have a X how many should I have and how many spare parts and consumables should I have for it?

Sadly, like most things there is no hard and fast rule that you can apply. You can’t […]

A sudden realisation

There are many of us prepping, some are in a better situation than others and some have barely started. Regardless of your situation there are few that feel they are fully prepared. The mere fact of starting however means that your mindset has changed and you are instantly in a much better situation than many […]

Don’t get fixated

A comment on the forum about NBC kit made me realise that I was breaking one of my rules. The rule about getting fixated on one issue and ignoring the others.

There are several issues that we think may be an event. Economic collapse seems to be top of the pile because of the current […]