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Obscure Equipment

I don’t know about others but it seems I am one of the few that seem to have very obscure items in my stores. As well as the usual food, water, medical equipment and tools, I also have a large amount of specialist equipment.

I have a small chemical lab, a small workshop with a lathe and other machine tools as well as a small electronic lab. The only thing I am missing from my electronic lab is my oscilloscope which sadly expired during a move due to an incident involving gravitational forces. These were all things that I played with over the years and I built up the workshops over time with equipment as and when I could afford it. When I stopped I simply put them away for another day. They need sorting, labelling and certain bits of kit need to go in EMP proof cages but besides that it is all packed away ready to be called into action.

I look at it this way one day that equipment may come in handy. Be it for making booze… sorry.. sterilising fluid, making machine parts or building a small radio I have a lot of components that can give me a head start and the equipment to build and test it.

I’m hoping that the chemical laboratory and the home workshop could enable me to start a small specialist business. After all making a centrifuge or a rotary evaporator is not going to be easy after an event.

Personally, I think if you have skills in any area then you need to make sure that you store the equipment that will enable you to do that after an event. It makes sense.

The only thing though is my expertise is in IT. I can’t see a big market for that after an event so I diversify. As I said before I’m a generalist but it doesn’t mean I don’t know a lot about certain subjects. Learnt what you can about as much as you can and make sure that you have the minimum equipment to perform those tasks. Just make sure it is something that is going to be useful. Knowing particle physics, astrology, medieval poetry and the autobiography of Cameron for example ain’t going to be any good.

One caveat though. Make sure you get the rest of your stores sorted out first. No point being the only one in the world able to build a boat and having all the tools when you don’t have enough to live on for the first year. You specialist stuff you should already have or buy after the main stores are in place. Prioritise.

3 comments to Obscure Equipment

  • LIncolnoldie

    This sort of thought has occasionally come to me in the recent past . I am an “educationist” (t*****r) by “trade” and I don’t see my skills in this area being of much use certainly intitially after the cataclysm. On an ongoing basis …perhaps. My skills in other areas are very basic and rather underdeveloped as to be virtually useless to anyone other than my immediate very small group. I suppose – to give a toot on my own trumpet – I do have what pass for organisational skills and putting information over but will this be really vital???
    I am an ‘ongoing learner’ though and I believe that is as much as a strength as many others. Interesting comments not on a postcard please and no-one stops in at playtime.

  • Skean Dhude


    Teachers will be required after the initial stages. It depends on your skills and experience but if you are good as passing over information then that is required. many can’t. Learn as much as you can before as educators were sought after during the times we are looking at.


    Wrong thread. I’ve deleted this comment.

  • mmw

    Nice post Skean. And something I was thinking about too. I also work in IT, specifically computer forensics, and, like you, I don’t see much need for my primary skill after an event. I know what I can’t do – woodwork or metalwork…I’ve got hands like shovels which don’t seem capable of following the direction of my brain when it comes to wood or metal. Possible transferable skills in mechanics and electrics though I suppose. I’m pretty well built from a semi pro rugby career, and so maybe could also move into some kind of faming/labouring type of work and I also have an army background with 4 years serving with the REME and heavy cavalry regiments on active service. It’s a worry for me though and with a young family too, It’s something I think about a fair deal. Currently, I’m trying to read up on areas such as small holdings, how to grow your own veg etc etc. Thanks for your educational posts.

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