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How we need to prepare


Bristol Meet Tonight

Don’t forget that the Bristol Meet is tonight.

Hope it goes well and good luck to everyone. Remember OPSEC and take care what you say.

I wanted to be there myself but sadly that wasn’t possible.

I’m sure Scythe will report how it went in the next few days.

Good Hunting

Yesterday I needed a form signed for the local plod from my landholder for my FAC so I thought I would take advantage and go out shooting with my nearly, son in law. My daughters boyfriend. He has wanted to go hunting for a while and he is looking at getting a FAC himself.

So […]

Battlestar Galactica

I mentioned before I was watching Battlestar Galactica again. For those not in the know it was a remake of the original which continued on from the original Cylon War. It didn’t quite line up logically but it is SciFi so we give it a large amount of leeway by default. I’m also going to […]

Canal Boats

While pottering about today there was some sort of show on about a family renovating a canal boat. The boat initially cost £120K and they spent about £50K and several months work on it to turn it into a home. They were intending to use it to sell trips along the canals in France but […]