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Space, the final frontier

I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for more space. Space to store stuff, space to grow stuff even space to keep livestock.

I’m not at the stage yet where I have any livestock though. I’m looking at chickens, ducks and fish. Potential for some rabbits and maybe a goat depending on how much space I can acquire in the next year or so.

I’m not happy about storing things on other peoples property or storing things in these storage warehouses that have expanded over the last few years. Unlike the US the Stasi here have easy access to these stores and even perfect;y legal items will have to be proven yours and its function explained. So unless you know someone you can really trust or a location that is not likely to be searched then you must keep things closer to home. Plus can you get to your stuff when you need it? Potentially not.

This means that I must make the most of my own space. To do this I’m always looking for new ideas on where to expand on my property. I’ve already fitted out the loft and I’ve also fitted out a unused front room and I put all my stores in boxes and containers there. I’m looking at a few caches out in the garden instead of my sheds and garages. Both are full of the many items that I have gathered over time. I’ve pretty much filled all the available space

So that leaves two areas for me. Up and down. I’m looking at putting solar panels on the roof to reduce the electric bill and putting a shallow garden on the extension and garage roof to grow crops in. The produce should be out of the sight of most people although not my immediate neighbours. The panels though are more of an issue. These panels are going up all over my area and they certainly attract the eye. I can only see me having the potential to put up some aerials but little else above ground.

That leaves me with down. I’ve not dug down on my property for a long time. It isn’t the best soil in the country and it is hard to dig. I’d have to use a mini JCB or something similar to dig any significant amount. Because of the garden layout I would only be over looked by two neighbours although I could put up a blind for one the other I just couldn’t hide from. In saying that they go away for several weeks of the year and those times would be ideal to dig down.

The problem I have is that a small JCB will enable me to bury caches but not much else. I certainly couldn’t build a panic room or a bunker. Not that I want one of those anyway but my problem is that although I can live in my little home it is the aftermath when the hordes that are going to be looting for food that I am trying to cover. That means I need a panic room or a bunker as well as some caches.

So, I decided I’m going to cache and store in my home but move to another house and use that as a panic room. My home will be my stores and potentially written off but as long as the food and water are not discovered then it will be fine. I’ll simply live a few houses away.

To prepare for this all I need is to move into an abandoned house and take a BOB with me. Enough for a few days food and water and the tools to access my caches.

All to mitigate my main risk. The hordes. I’m not expecting many where I am but you just have to prepare for it.

Until I can get my 5 acres smallholding anyway. Then it will be more traps and disguises.

6 comments to Space, the final frontier

  • fred

    What you clearly need is about five acres, say in North Wales, to be able to dig underground and expand.

  • Skean Dhude


    An excellent plan. Just need some cash now.

  • Lightspeed

    Hi SD

    Tell the neighbours that you are buiding a swimming pool. That’ll cover your escavation and concrete laying activities for base and walls of the bunker.

    Once you have this in place you’ll need to declare that the whole project was folly ( neighbours will like the idea of you having wasted lots of time money and effort…it human nature)

    That’ll leave you with a big reinforced conrete box with no lid…. you’ll have to invent somthing else as a cover story for that bit, before covering up the whole thing with a vegetable patch!

    Just make sure that your wife doesn’t go mising in the middle of all these preps, otherwise you may have some Wilt-style explaining to do to the local constabulary! 🙂

  • Lightspeed

    That reminds me, two summers ago mu neighbour’s 13 year old son discovered a WW2 air raid shelter in their back garden…. to the surprise and horror of his parents he and a couple of school friends completely excavated it during the summer holidays!

    It was pretty extensive. Roof 5ft below surface level concrete walls and roof. No ventilation other than from the doorway at the bottom of a set of steps.

    Took the poor little sod until christmas to re-fill most of the earthe he’d removed….. of course no friends to help him ths tims as theer was no prospect of finding anything exciting 🙂

    That got me looking at a strange rockery in my garden… and yes, below it was exactlt the same thing…. except the roof had caved in on my one. Pity that, I presume it was roof material that made up most of the rockery!!

    • Skean Dhude

      I’d love that. I’d be in it like a shot and repairing the roof can’t be beyond your means. Plus, you also now know about your neighbours and can plan on using that.

  • Skean Dhude

    Thought of that one but I already have a pool up there. I’m guessing a week when they are not there. Some digging and I’m done.

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