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Thinking Ahead – 15

The next in the series to make you think about things up front. Each of you will answer differently and you will all be right, or maybe wrong. It isn’t a sure thing with definitive Yes/No answers. There are no rights and wrongs only something to consider and plan for.

It has been ten years since the event and things have been good for a few years now. You live on the outside of a medium sided town of what used to be 100,000 but is about 130 now. There is a group there which was set up by an old prepper and he kept them alive as leader. They also managed to get the power restored from the old coal station, the sewage works restored and the medical facilities, although they won’t be resupplied. There are about half a dozen other farms around and you all regularly trade and have a mutual defence pact. Your family has used the hospital facilities as part of your trading agreement and although you don’t use the sewage plant you have discussed gettng power on. The lines are already there.

Not too long ago a new guy arrived in town and insinuated himself into the community. He has recently been voted in as the new head of the council and our prepper friend has been ousted. One of the first acts the new head made was to make a communal storage and control the food production. To make things fair.

He has now asked you to sign a trade agreement document which simply says that you are friends and confirms the mutual support pact with no commitment. You old prepper friend who was leader is saying that when it was proposed it was the first step to total control and requires us to cede control to the town and either get involved or pay a tax. The end game being total control by the new council of our food production and stores.

What are you going to do now?

12 comments to Thinking Ahead – 15

  • Ellen

    Get rid of the guy.
    He sounds like bad news.
    We just went through all of that from the bigger institution of absolute control. Why do we want to be subjegated again?
    Don’t talk, haggle, nor sign any paper (even if it is SHTF) and practice more OPSEC.
    I would hope that before he came one would have kept mum as to what exactly you have and are doing or plan to do.
    130 or so to 1 (meaning you) is rough odds, but plan on having to do what one has to in order to stay alive and preserve what freedom has come your way.
    Yep! He sounds like trouble all the way around.

  • paul

    Much as I like the idea of food for all so everyone gets the same. Anyway you dress it up, it’s a dictatorship.
    Even if there is a commitee, they like polititians can be bought.
    No he goes. it’s no good getting democratic about it and voting either as we know of today, voting is corruption (but nicely) as an arguement normally wins not commonsence.
    Mutal sharing is best. OK if everyone chips in on community projects BUT then comes organised work details, “security”, and the trappings of modern civilisation i.e. corruption.

  • mikebratcher69

    I’d off the guy and reinstate the old prepper.

  • mikebratcher69

    I dont like wanna be’s and this new guys a wanna be…
    wanna be dead…

  • Northern Raider

    What are you going to do now?

    Shoot him.

    • Ellen

      Northern Raider
      Not at first, run him out of town. If he comes back run him out of town. If he comes back SHOOT HIM. And with this method of letting him leave he will go somewhere and gather like minded asses to follow him to your downfall.
      You do not know this guy. He appears out of nowhere. He is the worst kind of CON man. He is distructive. He wants power.
      He sounds like a dictator, and an abuser, a control freak, and he will in his take over be more trouble than you want to deal with. He will be like all of those with control issues he will find the weakest of the bunch and turn them into no telling what kind of hence men. He will use force which seems he has already started the procedure, to hold control over those that will be the serfs and slaves.
      He moved in on a sharing community and has turned it around into food confiscation and taxes. And he will smile the whole time he is taking all that you have.

      • Northern Raider

        Ellen he sounds like a socialist to me, thats enough for me to want to kill him anyway 🙂

        • Ellen

          Again I mis/read/understood the meaning of the message.
          Shooting could be the exact way of ridding one of a goon/rat in the mix. But alas it doesn’t seem to matter what label they carry socialist/conservative/libertarian/or the I want all you have party they are all up to no good.

          • Skean Dhude


            Libertarian? You are getting mixed up with Liberal. Libertarians are nothing like Liberals. This is one thing the left have done well. Confused the language. Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats, Gays, etc. the list is endless with words that meant one thing and were hijacked by pressure group supported by a government agenda. It is illegal to use what were commonly used words now because they are offensive.

            • Ellen

              Well to my way of thinking there is a slight difference in Liberals and Libertarians.
              Liberals believe in taxes, spending, and going whole hog in a govenment run life.
              (I personally only want to be liberal with jelly on my toast)
              Libertarians want you to be able to do anything you think is okay, like prostitution, smoking pot etc. In other words the government shouldn’t intrude. I still haven’t figured out what part of the choas theory they don’t see, as this way would be as Fraud wanted “Do whatever makes you feel good”. And all this feel good stuff will intrude into others lives like it would make someone feel real good to kill or steal or whatever.
              Listen I don’t believe in any of them.
              I don’t believe in Atheists/Secularists either, why do they fight someone they don’t believe in. How does that work? And I bet all of them have used his name in vain. Why didn’t they say Johndamn or somesuch?
              Why are they so afraid?

            • Skean Dhude


              There is a massive difference. The media have done a good job though of confusing the two though.

              It is true that a Libertarian wants that but there is one thing missing from the statement and that is that no one else is forced to do something for you. So prostitution is simply sex where money is exchanged. Nobody is forced and it is much cheaper than divorce where sex also isn’t free. Smoking Pot loads do it now and nobody cares. So it is only an issue when it intrudes into other lives.

              According to almost every religion theirs is the one true faith. That means everyone else is worshipping the wrong diety. Which one is right?

  • Paul

    Nice arguments. Deep, intellegent, reasoned, and impressive.

    I think the acronym K.I.S.S. is more appropiate though and a damn sight simpler:-
    Keep It Stupidly Simple, SHOOT HIM!

    After all it’s probably all the highbrow psycho babble and political nonsense that would have caused the meltdown anyway.

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