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Software really is crap nowadays. I have just upgraded my version of VLC and now I find I can’t see the videos. Great. I guess it is because I am using an old Laptop atm. So much for backwards compatability.

It isn’t the only package that does this and although I understand why it is still annoying and is something we have to consider when we store our files. I’d hate to have two Terabytes of files and find that I can’t see them on my old system that was the only one that survived an event.

It seems that now is the time to general an archive system which we can store for use. If every file is tested on that then any that have issues can be converted from the latest snazzy CODEC that save 6 bytes on a video file but needs a 50M codec to run. Dickheads.

Finally, a project that I have the skills for. Producing a system for storage and retrieval of our ebooks and related media files.

7 comments to Upgrades

  • half

    I’ve just spent the afternoon trying to get tor to run with ubuntu, no luck today. I’ll have another crack at it when I’m less frustrated. Any linux tor users out there that could give me a walk through??

    • Skean Dhude

      I’m looking at Ubuntu for my OS on this system. Can put it on a LiveCD and use it easily.

      • half

        Ubuntu can be used from a live cd, its the best way to make sure all your stuff works, have heard some printers can be funny under linux.

    • Skean Dhude

      and in answer to your question you would be better going to the Ubuntu forums and downloading their guides. The subject is too complicated for an article here.

      • half

        Ya, my problem was using the terminal and having to learn all the cmds there. I d/l a live cd that includes a os, tor, browser and a chat program. The live tor cd only records to the ram so once the computers turned off and back on all the data has been fully deleted.
        We now live in a country were you can beat someone up and the law doesn’t even pretend to slap your wrist anymore but if you call someone a bad name on the internet you get locked up for a few months.

  • Northern Raider

    I have a fabulous data recording system called A 4 P APPER, its compatable with most data storage systems like f-iles and c a r d board boxes and note – books, its such a superb system it doesnt need electricity to use.

    • Skean Dhude

      I use that one as well but ink is just so expensive. I can’t print everything. This is also for the stuff I don’t print.

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