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Bow and Arrows revisited

I bought my bow and arrow set from Charlies. £36 seems a good buy however they had run out of arrows and I’ll need them. They are getting some in next week and when I go I’ll get a target then as well. I’ll try the bow out and let you know how it goes. First impressions though is that it is very well made and seems to fit nice in the hand. There is also a sleeve, which I wish I had last time I tried, and a sight which is good because I can’t seem to fit the one from the rifle. 🙂 I am very happy with it and look forward to giving it a go.

On my visit to NR we discussed bows, he has a few, and he provided me with an archery book which I am starting to read. Thanks NR.

Whilst I am on about the bows and arrows I’ve hit some issues with the bow and arrow weekend. When I originally thought can’t do it because they don’t have any good backstops. Essential for amateurs. Plus, it seems that insurance may be necessary. They are fine with me going there but not an unknown group. Seems that everyone is paranoid about being sued. I have got a couple more to try and I’ll try them over the weekend. With groups though they may want some payment so I’m actually thinking at this point it may be worth looking at booking a session at an archery club instead. I’m going to check that as well and see how it goes. Keep you posted.

8 comments to Bow and Arrows revisited

  • Northern Raider

    (A) You need measuring for your draw length to get the right weight and type of arrow, or nasty accidents can happen if you overdraw or use arrows not structurally strong enough.

    (B) Why not join the GNAS as the Prepper Archers Club and take advantage of their club insurance, it would also provide excellent cover for our gatherings ?

  • Skean Dhude


    a) Agree but as a starter kit to get going it will do its job and looks good enough for use in an event anyway.

    b) Good idea. I may even see what insurance companies want for a bushcraft club with firearms.

  • fred

    they had run out of arrows

    Make them, of course, to NR’s specs.

  • Kenneth Eames

    Can you print the address of Charlies please. I would like to buy one. Kenneth Eames.

  • G’Day! Survivaluk,
    In addition to your post I was wondering, Many beginning crossbow owners are not even aware of an important fact that crossbows utilize a varying draw fat to accommodate the sort of game being hunted. The draw weight varies within the 50 pound draw weight of the pistol crossbow to the 200 pound +, full size crossbow. The difference in the resistance will mean the difference of the crossbow bolt being ejected at a range from 130 feet per second to over 330 feet per second. Let us say that you are walking thru the woods and see a rabbit or two. Based found on the size of the animal you wouldn’t require any more than 150 pound draw weight. This would provide you a typical bolt speed of around 220 to 250 fps. Believe me this is a lot of killing energy to bring down not merely which small rabbit, nevertheless also a turkey or deer, providing we wait to make the proper shot to hit that kill zone. You have to recognize the chances of you killing those rabbits is a stroke of luck, due to their relative size and are prone to be crouched, jumping, or darting whenever they hear that familiar twang of your crossbow releasing that lethal bolt. Additionally, the small size consequently a smaller kill zone compared to larger animals, it will be the speed of the bolt which is much more important. Speed is less critical for the bigger animals. The faster bolt speed is need for the rabbit to hit inside a target zone the animal would be in very than the clear grass where it used to be. Now for bigger animals with that thicker hide and more fat density such as you elk, bears plus caribou, you’ll desire which crossbow that has a draw weight of at least 175 pounds or more. Larger animals are a bit slower to get from the means of that fast crossbow bolt heading towards them. You require the added draw weight for the raw energy to penetrate into the kill zone instead of the speed, besides the fact that we will have over enough speed to work with. Many of the crossbows of the size have a bolt speed of 300 fps or even more. And if you need to become a big game hunter, hunting buffalo, grizzly bears, or perhaps a moose, you would wish To consider a crossbow with a minimal draw weight of 200 pounds. That more draw fat usually give your crossbow bolt speed exceeding the 330 fps providing you a lot of speed plus knock down power. Many crossbow owners will cock a crossbow with a 150 pound draw weight. Anything higher than 150 pounds or in the event you have any physical disabilities we might like to look at investing into a device to support we cocking the crossbow. Also, look at a feature accessible in most crossbows that is located at the front of the crossbow which looks like the nonworking end of a shovel. This really is a handy food device to aid in the cocking process which is big enough to receive those muddy looking boots of yours into whilst we pull the crossbow strings back to the latching device of your crossbow. Lastly, I may leave we with a piece of advice. Try to begin with something which will likely not kill or eat you. However, in the event you insist it would be wise of we to function a means carefully downwind to get as close to them as you are able to without spooking them. You just cannot afford to miss incredibly a big bear at 45 yards away from them. It would take you at a minimal of five to ten seconds to prep plus cock the crossbow to get your 2nd shot off. Simply understand a large angry bear may cross a sports field inside around six seconds. Be safe out there! I hope this info was helpful to we for the looking experience. All that’s left is to choose a crossbow to employ. Visit us at:

  • Timelord

    There seems to be a very limited selection of equipment available on the Cahrlie’s website when compared to the sizable collection of stuff actually in the store.

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