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It takes all types

I visit a few survival and prepping sites on my travels looking for hints and tips and just generally learning peoples views. One thing that is apparent is that we come from a very wide range of society. I would say that we are a slice across most of society with only a very few occupations missing. Politicians, Bankers and Lawyers. I don’t know of any of them in any our groups. Isn’t that interesting.

Now that doesn’t mean that we will have a representative from each area in our communities. I would be more than happy with doctors, dentist, plumbers, carpenter and other such people in my community but although I do know of some I don’t know any around here. Such is life.

However, working out at our usual 5% survival rate and considering how many doctors, etc. we have around here I’m positive that at some stage after an event we would meet up with a doctor or other experts either in a community or on his own in this area.

Not that I’m planning on finding any. I’m preparing for doing all this myself but after an event it sure would be an advantage to come across a few experts.

I’ve also noted how many religious people there are on the US sites, they seem to make up the bulk of the preppers over there. Either people keep it quiet over here but it seems that there are a lot less religious prepprs over here. Personally I class myself as not religious but I follow the Christian rules, well almost anyway, because to me they make sense as the basis for a civilised society.

Now what that does mean is that in our on line community we have a very wide range of expertise and viewpoints, including moral ones. Enough so that we get a view from every perspective and enough views on each view that we can make up our own mind as to which ones would be more suitable for our uses.

I particularly like this aspect of prepping and it is one of the reasons why this site exists. Its not just reading books and following instructions but have a large group of experts tailoring ideas and processes to our individual requirements. It is an excellent way for us to prepare and in my opinion it is the only way that most of us will be prepared. If we relied on books and US sites we would be woefully short of many critical items. It is not the fault of the US sites but their requirements are wildly different as their situation is wildly different. Climate, terrain and society are so different that we need different solutions for our situation. We can take the billions of man hours invested in the US scene and see how they work here, tailoring them for our needs or developing new ones and plan for their implementation.

Even within the UK though there is still a wide variety of different requirements and although we have our own processes in some cases the US ones are more suitable or they need to develop others more suitable. It makes me smile sometimes to read on the forums with people making statements that are good for their situation and they believe are thus best for everyone. It is interesting to see, and I do it myself, particular views followed by dissenting views on several subjects being repeated. We hold our own opinions dear.

We should all pick and choose our own solutions that we believe meet our requirements. It is us that will have to live with those decisions if an event occurs so we must make sure that you are happy with your decisions. They could be the difference between life and death.

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