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Container Homes

Was out today visiting a smallholding which had a childrens play area and some farm animals. Very interesting it was. It was on about 6 acres and that looked a fine size for a gettaway place. This one isn’t much use for us as it is located right in the centre of a really bad area and everyone there knows where it is. Day 2 and roast Donkey is on the menu.

The bit that I found most interesting though was the number of containers that they had converted into work areas and stables simply by putting a wooden roof on top with an overhang and then cutting doors into the sides and fitting windows. The windows and doors looked the hardest part as it looked like they had to manually build the frames while the roofing was just placed on top similar to putting a hat on.

Make me think a bit about how useful those container are. It is my belief that they don’t require planning permission either. They are not perfect but I certain can see a use for them if you have some land to put them on. I now have several uses for them. If only they were not so heavy.

6 comments to Container Homes

  • grumpy old man

    a wooden hut no bigger than 30sqmtrs does not need planning
    just say it’s a holiday cottage and no restiction on number

  • stu

    dick strawbridge, from it,s not easy being green tv show built some a few years ago. they are built to be sealed by customs etc and are very difficult to break into. saw some on the news once,they had bin buried and crims were growing drugs in them

  • Skean Dhude


    Welcome. They may be difficult to break into but sounds like they will rot/rust over time unless treated.

  • stu

    they are made of high tensile steel to resist damage.they spend alot of time at sea,so i assume they must have a good coat of paint to resist salt would not believe how they can be treated,i have seen them drooped,tipped over etc when waiting to pick them up in the docks.have even seen one floating in the english channel when on the ferry one morning.

  • iaaems

    A fascinating subject – to me at least. Came across this a while back – other half thinks I’m daft (probably correct). Lots of info from

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